Latticework introduced Amber, a personal hybrid cloud storage platform

Latticework introduced Amber, a personal hybrid cloud storage platform. Amber is a multimedia storage and streaming device that gives users control over their digital assets, offering the convenience of the cloud in the privacy of their own homes.

With Amber, users’ life memories and digital files are always secure, while Amber’s companion app ensures that they are always within reach to access, relive and share.

Amber is the debut product from Latticework a company founded by storage pioneer and Marvell co-founder, Dr. Pantas Sutardja, to tackle escalating consumer storage and bandwidth use.

Amber offers security and convenience without compromising digital data, privacy or peace of mind. “Your personal data and memories are just that – yours. Why would you want to give complete strangers or cloud providers access to your data?” said Dr. Pantas Sutardja, founder and CEO, Latticework.

“Amber makes storage personal, enabling you to protect, control and secure your digital life, while seamlessly allowing you to relive and share life’s memories with only the people you choose.”

Existing cloud solutions offer convenience in data access, but they come with potential risks to user privacy. “We realized that people love the convenience, but they are less aware of the risk of massive hacks and loss of data privacy, as witnessed in recent high-profile abuse cases,” noted Dr. Sutardja.

Amber was created on the premise of leveraging trust elements from the public cloud by designing its own central and proprietary cloud service called LatticeNest, to only provide user identity management and routing services.

This allows users to manage access and store data locally while mitigating any compromise in privacy or control from existing public cloud only services. “We’ve created the world’s first hybrid cloud platform for consumers by artfully integrating Amber with LatticeNest for a seamless and unified user experience,” added Dr. Sutardja.

Key features of Amber include:

Privacy: Amber’s design lets you store your digital data and memories in your own home while being able to backup and access data remotely with Amber’s personal hybrid cloud. With Amber, you have complete control of your digital life and no longer have to entrust third parties with your data.

Control: Amber’s LiFE companion app for iOS and Android/MacOS and Windows lets you access and share your files, photos, videos, music, and memories from anywhere.

Security: Amber offers data-at-rest storage encryption and secure data transfer (TLS/SSL) with secure firewall protection.

Convenience: With Amber, your digital memories are in sync, secure and always accessible. Plus, data is stored in its full resolution with no subscription fees required.

Functionality: Features of the LiFE app include camera roll auto backup function, facial search, video streaming/viewing, TV casting, remote share and access, file/folder explorer, and multi-device file synchronization.

Integrated Platform: To further protect data and enhance in-home streaming experience, Amber comes equipped with a built-in AC2600 router that supports MU-MIMO and beamforming technology so everyone on the network can enjoy smooth video streaming and sharing without reducing bandwidth quality.

Personal Hybrid Cloud: Data privacy meets cloud convenience. Amber is powered by its own proprietary cloud service that is used only to provide user identity management and data routing verification, ensuring your digital assets are always private and protected. With Amber, memories are secured without having to grant access to third parties.

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