Ping Identity and SailPoint partnership helps prevent security breaches, meet regulatory requirements

Ping Identity announced partnership with SailPoint Technologies to provide identity access and governance for today’s most complex enterprise environments.

This means global organizations now have access to a flexible solution designed to provide an identity ecosystem for granting secure access to the right people, while also governing that access.

Today’s typical IT team is being stretched to manage a combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. As a result, it’s becoming more important for these companies to define the requirements around complex permissions and policies in the security tools they are leveraging.

Further, they are seeking solutions that will simplify all of this across a hybrid IT environment. The partnership between Ping Identity and SailPoint addresses many of the challenges these applications and environments provide.

By putting identity at the center of a deployment, enterprises will benefit from the added security to prevent breaches and enable them to meet highly-regulated requirements.

The Ping Identity Platform can be used across workforce, partner and customer identity types and offers a modern identity and access management solution to meet complex enterprise demands.

These capabilities complement SailPoint’s focus on staying at the forefront of innovation in developing identity solutions that keep pace with the increasing global regulatory and cyber security landscape.

“We’ve worked with SailPoint to deliver simplified, secure access and governance for complex, hybrid environments for years,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity.

“Our customers have confidence that our solutions will work together, out of the box, with no additional costs for integration.”

The combination of access management from Ping Identity with identity administration and governance from SailPoint provides the following functionality to enterprises:

  • Simplified, secure access and governance for complex environments. With the ability to authenticate users from any location and any device, the combined identity solution is flexible enough to determine the appropriate access. This level of provisioning is designed to enforce compliance and adhere to business policies.
  • Complete visibility and control. Part of improving employee and partner productivity, while also driving customer engagement, is making sure the right visibility and control is available to authenticate users. The combined solution addresses this requirement by enabling users with policy-based self-service access to all applications, data and systems needed to successfully do their jobs.
  • Comprehensive identity governance and access security platform. This proven solution is built for enterprise-level scale and security without the costly and time intensive integrations. Not only does it maintain an access audit trail of every identity in the organization, but it also demonstrates compliance with confidence and ease. This includes the ability to meet regulatory requirements, regardless of how complex the environment may be.

“Ping Identity and SailPoint have a long history addressing the most complex identity and access management challenges of the hybrid enterprise,” said Joe Gottlieb, senior vice president of corporate development for SailPoint.

“This partnership will make it easier for our joint customers to deliver policy-based access control; comprehensive identity governance; and streamlined access requests, approvals and certifications.”

“By bringing Ping Identity and SailPoint together, enterprises have the ability to solve their complex security issues in a standards-friendly and cross platform manner, with a rapid deployment model to help enable success,” said Jacob Pszonowsky, principal, Cyber Security Services at KPMG LLP.

“Many of our clients use both solutions already and have seen benefits from the increased integrations and cooperation when developing their IAM capabilities and solutions.”

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