Cloud Daddy launches Secure Backup, AWS-native data protection solution

Cloud Daddy’s Secure Backup is the solution that joins backup and disaster recovery, security, and infrastructure management into one offering for AWS users.

For Cloud Daddy, the move to a unified AWS-native solution reflects the changing IT landscape.

“Not long ago, disaster recovery was built around the notion of natural disasters impacting an on-premises data center,” said Cloud Daddy Founder and CEO Joe Merces.

“In today’s world, cybercrime and cyber threats join natural disasters in making secure backup and recovery a constant concern.”

“Migrating your infrastructure to AWS isn’t enough to guarantee secure backup and disaster recovery,” Merces added.

“In fact, AWS specifically calls out a ‘Shared Responsibility Model,’ where AWS is responsible for security of the cloud, but the customer is responsible for security in the cloud. Cloud Daddy’s Secure Backup makes it easy to backup, restore and replicate — all while incorporating advanced security countermeasures in providing the best end-to-end data protection solution available for AWS.”

With five levels of product offerings, Cloud Daddy offers a range of both backup/disaster recovery and security features:

Backup/disaster recovery features

  • Application/Crash-consistent backups based on native Amazon Snapshot API,
  • Backup schedules and recurrent jobs,
  • Tag-based backup and restore for easier search and management,
  • Cross-region and cross-account backup/restore and recovery,
  • Multi-tenant design and access,
  • Email alerts and reports.

Security Features

  • AWS web application firewall integration,
  • Instance firewall and rules,
  • Security group management,
  • Detailed firewall logs.

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup gives users an understanding of their entire AWS infrastructure, navigated by tabs and incorporating a dashboard with an visualization of protected instances and job status.

Users can select backups and replications anywhere on the globe where AWS has a presence.

Assets can be backed up, managed and recovered even from one AWS region or account to the other, providing layers of disaster recovery with superior restore speeds using AWS over on-premises solutions.

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup is under development and committed to continuing to lead the combined mindset of backup, security and management as a strategy in enhancing the solution by implementing features that strengthen this foundation into the future.

Upcoming iterations of the Cloud Daddy solution will unlock capabilities for IT operations and management, all at a small fraction of the cost of standing up and configuring your own hardware.

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup solution is innovative, with a US patent pending on the machine learning and artificial intelligence that will drive the security system coming in Release 2.0.

George Crump, founder of the technology analyst group Storage Switzerland, LLC, noted that not only is the Cloud Daddy approach to all-in-one data protection for Amazon Web Services innovative, so is their pricing model for such protection.

“With their monthly subscription model, Cloud Daddy is the only company to my knowledge that provides a holistic data protection solution for AWS. That creates an easy and cost-effective way for Cloud Daddy customers to combine secure backup, infrastructure management and advanced security countermeasures in a single dashboard-style application.”

“The old days of thinking about backup, security and infrastructure management as three separate areas of responsibility within IT are gone in today’s hyper-scale cloud world,” said Merces. “Cloud Daddy Secure Backup is the only way to combine all three functions into one affordable, comprehensive, and effective solution for AWS.”

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