Aerohive Networks announces availability plans for its pluggable access point

Aerohive Networks released worldwide availability plans for its pluggable Wi-Fi access point, the Aerohive Atom AP30. Currently shipping with a Type A/B plug, Aerohive has now announced Type C and G plugs availability for Q3 2018, enabling customers who use the EU or UK-plug type to benefit from Wi-Fi connectivity that can be both deployed, and re-deployed, in a matter of minutes.

Aerohive Atom AP30 is designed to augment or replace traditional ceiling and wall-mounted access points. Its compact design, combined with Aerohive’s cloud management and automated mesh provisioning, allows IT departments to adapt their access networks to match their changing client demands in any environment or location.

Aerohive Atom AP30 is a small form factor access point that has all the features and functionality of its traditional ceiling-mounted counterparts, including identity-driven network access, software-defined architecture, and enterprise performance management.

Aerohive Atom AP30 can help organizations solve for all manner of use cases without having to install or re-position a ceiling-mounted access point, including, but not limited to:

Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones – Aerohive Atom AP30 extends coverage to dead zones. Aerohive Atom AP30 can be temporarily or permanently installed in minutes to eliminate dead zones in distant corners of the office, long hallways or passageways, staircases, breakrooms, storage rooms, etc., saving the time and money of pulling new cable or re-positioning existing ceiling-mounted access points.

Solve density issues in meeting spaces – Aerohive Atom AP30 can augment overloaded ceiling-mounted access points in meeting space. Aerohive Atom AP30 can be temporarily or permanently installed in minutes to mitigate overloaded ceiling-mounted access points in conference rooms, training rooms, cafeterias, lobby areas, waiting rooms, gymnasiums, etc.

Improve performance for 3rd party networks – Aerohive Atom AP30 can connect to 3rd-party Wi-Fi networks, including Cisco, HPE, and Ruckus, to help compensate coverage or capacity challenges. With sensor mode equipped, Aerohive Atom AP30 may also be used to monitor 3rd-party networks for efficiency so that administrators can optimize their network accordingly.

Extend secure corporate connectivity – Aerohive Atom AP30 can extend corporate connectivity to anywhere you can plug it in to a power socket and get an IP address. Aerohive Atom AP30’s native VPN capability can make your corporate SSID and security available for teleworkers, marketing events, sales demonstrations, offsite meetings, embedded employees consulting for other companies, temporary offices, and so on.

Connect the previously unconnected – Aerohive Atom AP30 can bridge an IoT device to an Aerohive or 3rd-party network in any easy or hard-to-reach location. Aerohive Atom AP30 can act like an IoT hub and securely connect any Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet-based IoT device and sensor.

Solve for MDU connectivity – Aerohive Atom AP30’s form factor and plug-ability makes it simple to install temporarily or permanently in an MDU, such as barracks, dormitories, hotels, motels, cruise ships, condominiums, apartments, etc.

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