Bricata delivers new network security options for the cloud

Bricata announced the latest release of its flagship product for immediate availability. This release permits its management console and new cloud sensors to be deployed in a cloud environment. This provides security analysts with anywhere, anytime access for administering sensors and defending against threats across on-premises and cloud environments.

The company’s solution is available in both physical and virtual form which offers flexibility to enterprise customers migrating to the cloud or managing hybrid environments.

The Bricata solution for the cloud is now available for deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also supports VMware environments and most cloud environments running on the Linux KVM platform.

Bricata is also announcing arrangements with Gigamon and Ixia to provide traffic data for analysis. This is because most cloud providers do not provide access to OSI Model layer two network traffic. Gigamon and Ixia both provide virtual agents that can forward or mirror the data necessary for threat detection and analysis.

“Many of our customers are large organizations in the process of migrating some or all of their infrastructure to the cloud,” said Bricata CEO John Trauth.

“A major security problem is that they have the same requirements to protect their networks in the cloud as they did on-premises – and they couldn’t until now.”

Bricata combines a range of network security capabilities – packet capture (PCAP), prevention, detection, metadata analysis, and malware conviction – onto a single platform in such a way that it provides both deep network traffic analysis and a way to begin network threat hunting.

Now that the solution supports the cloud, this, in turn, brings visibility, intrusion detection and threat hunting capabilities to one place for security analysts with purview over the cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.

This benefits security organizations because it delivers the context necessary to understand what is happening as an incident unfolds, which accelerates the capacity to respond where time is most precious.

More importantly, the threat hunting workflows Bricata provides simplifies the otherwise complex endeavor of hunting down those advanced and unknown threats that have evaded existing detection techniques.

“There is an incredible amount of noise in any security operations center (SOC) which introduces more risk to the enterprise,” added Trauth.

“We’re giving the analyst the ability to look at an alert in context to quickly determine the ground truth. In other words, we’ve paired alerts with data collection and a workflow that allows the SOC to rapidly pivot from triaging alerts to defeating threats.”

Bricata has released several new product enhancements this year. In May, the company announced new updates to help security organizations prioritize the security alerts and improved threat hunting workflows. In January, it rolled out a new dashboard, intelligent packet capture feature, and threat hunting capabilities announced earlier this year.

Bricata is venture-backed, having secured an $8 million growth round led by Edison Partners about this time last year. Its last round included an investment and development agreement with In-Q-Tel, the strategic investor that accelerates the development and delivery of technologies to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community.


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