SentinelOne announces general availability of Central Park console

SentinelOne announced the general release of Central Park, a console update enhancing its protection capabilities and simplifying its user and management experience.

With this update, SentinelOne’s prevention, detection, and response capabilities are extended into multi-tenancy and role-based access environments.

Prior to today’s general release announcement, the new console underwent months of field testing beginning April 1st to ensure the update would deliver ease of use across customer environments.

SentinelOne becomes the security provider that is capable of empowering large enterprises, with sites around the world, to manage their security with ease and scale while also allowing MSPs/MSSPs to build their business on top of the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform, providing their customers even more value.

“We evaluated many different products and picked SentinelOne because of their multi-tenancy features, user experience of the console, and API support,” said Polly Pickering, Managing Director, eShore Ltd.

“With multi-tenancy, we can provide our customers individual console access while also maintaining a global view for our operations. We are also able to perform operations at different levels of the hierarchy, and this reduces our operational overhead. The APIs enable automation and integration into the rest of our infrastructure like ticketing systems and SIEM.”

“Multi-tenancy is a critical use case for many organizations and with our capability to be deployed on-prem, in the cloud or in hybrid environments SentinelOne is the premier solution to meet these needs,” said Tomer Weingarten, CEO and co-founder, SentinelOne.

“This makes SentinelOne not only unmatched in its detection capabilities, but also unmatched in its flexibility as it is able to protect virtually any operational environment.”

The Central Park release is an update that includes both enhanced security capabilities as well as user experience upgrades that allow security teams to manage their environments. Key features include:

  • Manageability: Security managers can now view assets on a global view and on a site view, depending on the permissions associated with each administrator. Thus providing the autonomy and control required by the enterprise.
  • Availability: Production clusters of Central Park use multiple servers to avoid a single point of failure.
  • Scalability: The multi-tenancy capability enables SentinelOne to host hundreds of customers with thousands of devices each on a single cluster. Customer information like threats, policies are completely segregated.
  • Site and License Management: Users have control over license consumption and visibility directly from the SentinelOne Console.
  • Improved Analyze View: The Analyze View redesign makes it easier to grasp an organization’s overall security posture at a glance.
  • Improved Reports: Reports are now easier to create and security teams are able to customize their report interval options.
  • Automatic Active Directory Support: With Central Park, the SentinelOne agent now queries the endpoint for its AD membership and sends data directly to the management. This removes the need for SentinelOne to access the AD domain controller, and to configure integration.
  • Deep Visibility Enhancements: Deep Visibility allows security teams to look into every activity on their endpoints, regardless of operating system.
  • Flexible Configuration: The underlying configuration allows for much more flexibility, including the ability to change a single parameter on a single device.
  • Token-based Installation: SentinelOne is giving IT professionals control over the deployment process by leveraging token-based deployment. With tokens, administrators do not need SentinelOne support at any stage of the initial deployment and administrators have all the control.

“Multi-tenancy deployments have long been a difficulty for next-gen providers and SentinelOne continues to lead the way for innovation in the endpoint protection space,” said Weingarten.

The SentinelOne Central Park release is currently available for any new deployments. Existing customers will be upgraded to this codebase as part of the Denali release in August 2018.


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