Tripwire Data Collector uncovers blind spots in industrial cybersecurity

Tripwire announced the debut of Tripwire Data Collector, a new cybersecurity solution to provide visibility into vulnerabilities and changes within operational technology (OT) environments.

Tripwire Data Collector provides visibility of cyber risk through its ability to harvest asset data using native industrial protocols, standard IT protocols, and integrations with intermediary software applications.

The solution gathers and assesses data from devices that have been inaccessible to security teams before, while still maintaining a no-touch approach to avoid disrupting operations.

“Industrial organizations understand the need to manage cyber risk in their increasingly connected OT environments, but they often struggle to gain the visibility needed to manage that risk,” said Gabe Authier, senior product manager at Tripwire.

“We built Tripwire Data Collector with expanded industrial protocols and integrations so operators can more easily get a proper view of their OT networks and uncover risks that may have been lurking in blind spots.”

To enhance the understanding of cyber risk, Tripwire Data Collector assesses OT networks and devices for vulnerabilities and secure configurations, and compliance with policies and industry standards. It then monitors environments for change, alerting users to cyber risks that could cause a disruption to operations.

Tripwire Data Collector is ideal for industrial organizations, such as energy, utilities, manufacturing, chemicals and transportation. It natively supports Ethernet/IP CIP, Modbus TCP, SNMP and Web Retriever industrial protocols, and integrates with Rockwell FactoryTalk AssetCentre, MDT AutoSave, and Kepware KEPServerEX.

Tripwire Data Collector is the latest offering within Tripwire’s Industrial Control System (ICS) Security Suite.

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