Entrust Datacard makes investment in CensorNet and acquires its MFA technology solution

Entrust Datacard announced that it has made a strategic investment in CensorNet to propel Entrust Datacard toward achieving real-time threat awareness with enhanced pattern analysis for continuous authentication capabilities.

Entrust Datacard has also acquired SMS Passcode, CensorNet’s adaptive multi-factor authentication technology solution. The acquisition of the SMS Passcode technology and the investment in CensorNet’s USS platform further establishes Entrust Datacard as an authentication solution provider and allows the company to expand its global footprint throughout DACH/Benelux and The Nordics.

CensorNet’s USS platform, which includes a cloud access security broker (CASB), multi-factor authentication, and web and email security, will bolster new offerings for Entrust Datacard across authentication, PKI and SSL.

Additionally, the collaboration will enhance the Entrust Datacard intelligent Authentication Insight Engine by accelerating its behavior and pattern capabilities for real-time, intelligent decision-making, improving security and the user experience for the threats and compliance needs.

“Identity-centric data analysis is in CensorNet’s DNA, and identity assurance capabilities in ours,” said Todd Wilkinson, president and CEO for Entrust Datacard.

“This new relationship and investment in CensorNet presents opportunities for collaboration to enhance both companies’ offerings and re-shape the market together.”

For greater collaboration between the companies, Entrust Datacard CEO Todd Wilkinson will join CensorNet’s board of directors and the SMS Passcode team will integrate with the larger Entrust Datacard authentication team.

In the IT and threat landscape, the need for a seamless, frictionless and secure customer experience has never been greater.

The acquisition of SMS Passcode will allow Entrust Datacard to serve customers by integrating the solution’s technology with its IntelliTrust SaaS authentication solution, expanding USS capabilities to Entrust Datacard customers while adding mobile and cloud capabilities to SMS Passcode customers.

“CensorNet and Entrust Datacard have a shared vision for real-time identity centric security that can be achieved faster and with greater impact together rather than separately,” said Ed Macnair, CEO for CensorNet.

“The acquisition of SMS Passcode will benefit the broader IAM market as well as SMS Passcode customers, and this new relationship will continue serving customers as Entrust Datacard builds upon existing partnerships and enhances our USS offering.”

Entrust Datacard has a history of innovating and expanding both geographically and technologically to provide solutions that reflect changing market conditions.

Continuing this approach, the SMS Passcode acquisition and investment in CensorNet’s USS platform represents a step toward both a holistic security approach and global presence for the organization.

At a time when other security players are going through mergers or acquiring and shelving innovators, Entrust Datacard is building partnerships through targeted investments and acquisitions.

“SMS Passcode is an established multi-factor authentication (MFA) leader in DACH/Benelux and The Nordics, making it a natural fit for our acquisition strategy,” said Wilkinson.

“The MFA technology, as well as the USS platform, will be strong complements to the Entrust Datacard portfolio of solutions.”

The acquisition was signed and finalized on June 30, 2018. Terms of the acquisition are undisclosed.

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