Kx selected by BroadBridge Networks to power its cybersecurity platform

Kx announces that its Kx technology has been selected by BroadBridge Networks to power its cybersecurity platform. The partnership provides access to the Kx technology stack, enabling BroadBridge Networks to provide streaming analytics on network telemetry.

BroadBridge Networks, based in Silicon Valley, provides a security platform which analyzes network telemetry, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide human-centric data visualizations and security policy automation, allowing enterprises to secure their networks at scale.

BroadBridge Networks’ solution uses an intent-based networking approach that enables organizations to secure their entire network and have full visibility of communication between all of their assets.

Kx technology is optimized to analyze time-series data in real time, and is built upon kdb+, the time series database. This enables BroadBridge Networks Marathon and Centry products to store and analyze network telemetry (i.e., flows, packets, and logs) at network speed, allowing security and IT personnel to have full visibility, analyze all traffic and leverage security policy automation, in a scalable platform.

The combination of Kx’s technology and BroadBridge Networks’ cybersecurity expertise provides an advantage by increasing the speed and performance of data analysis and the ability to provide real time actionable recommendations and automation.

“At BroadBridge, we saw the significant need for a more mature, easily accessible, and streamlined analytics platform in the cybersecurity market, which is precisely why we have chosen to partner with Kx. Because Kx technology is scalable, simple and fast, it is the perfect fit for our forward-thinking solution.”, said Kelvin R Franklin, CEO, BroadBridge Networks.

“We are delighted that BroadBridge Networks has chosen Kx to power its disruptive network security platform. This agreement further demonstrates how Kx technology continues to be a key enabler of disruption across many industries.”, said Brian Conlon, CEO, Kx.

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