Enhancements to OneLogin’s platform advance MFA adoption in the enterprise

OneLogin announced platform enhancements that advance Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adoption in the enterprise with a new login experience and the release of OneLogin Protect 4.0 authenticator. These advancements provide increased security and customization for both administrators and end users while delighting customers with a great user experience.

In the face of growing cyber security threats today, enterprise IT environments are becoming complex and costly to manage. These challenges require identity and access solutions that manage both cloud-based and on-premise applications.

OneLogin’s new login experience and OneLogin Protect 4.0 reduce complexity while delivering security features to more than 2,000 enterprises globally who secure their applications with OneLogin.

“Everyone knows that MFA is the most effective way to protect against weak passwords, but cost and usability are all too often the biggest barriers to enterprise adoption,” said Thomas Pedersen, CTO and Founder of OneLogin.

“The enhancements we have implemented strengthen security and allow organizations to deploy MFA tailored to their needs.”

Unveiling OneLogin’s new login experience

OneLogin has completely re-architected its user authentication flow into a modular and extensible service. The redesign provides a seamless experience for desktop and smartphone users while delivering strengthened security controls for account administrators.

New features in the login experience include:

  • Multi-step authentication: Instead of prompting the user for username and password at the same time, each piece of information is now captured on a separate page. This allows for dynamic authentication flows that break the process down into simple and flexible steps, improving the login experience and reducing failed login attempts.
  • One-click activation: The new login screen is optimized for mobile touchscreen displays with a new two-factor authentication setup wizard. This makes it much easier for users to register an authentication factor, even if they only have a mobile device. In addition, users can activate the OneLogin Protect authenticator in one-click, eliminating a series of setup steps that most other vendors require.
  • Additional security measures: The new login flow includes mandatory second-factor registration and the ability to force authentication. This requires users to re-authenticate before being allowed access to a sensitive app.

OneLogin Protect 4.0 authenticator release streamlines security

OneLogin Protect 4.0 authenticator simplifies the customer experience by eliminating the need for multiple one-time passcode (OTP) authenticators on iOS or Android mobile devices, reducing costs for organizations and cutting management time.

OneLogin Protect improves usability and the overall customer experience in the following ways:

  • Cost Reduction: Protect is a soft token, which results in savings as compared to traditional hard tokens. The solution provides enterprise-grade OTPs for both OneLogin and third-party cloud services, reducing the number of distinct authenticators that each user needs to manage on their devices and eliminating the need for multiple access vendors.
  • Push Notifications: With Protect, users receive push notifications that they simply click to accept, rather than being required to manually enter a code for authentication. This saves time and enhances the user experience.
  • Risk Scoring: By leveraging OneLogin’s adaptive authentication in conjunction with Protect, users will be asked for MFA only when the risk is deemed to be high. For example, the MFA will be requested in situations such as signing in from a new browser or country for the first time or originating from a suspicious IP address.
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