Qualys and IBM X-Force Red help orgs identify, fix most critical vulnerabilities

Qualys announced that IBM X-Force Red will leverage the Qualys Cloud Platform as part of its X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services (VMS).

Vulnerability management services

As part of an expanded relationship, X-Force Red will deploy the Qualys Cloud Agent and Qualys Cloud Apps into client environments across the globe, providing a programmatic vulnerability management approach that leverages the breadth of Qualys’ continuous visibility and depth of the X-Force Red team’s services to identify, prioritize and remediate clients’ most critical vulnerabilities.

The Qualys Cloud Platform will also be leveraged by X-Force Red VMS to help extend security and compliance visibility into IoT-connected cars, network testing and application testing. X-Force Red will offer the Qualys Cloud Platform to its network of Global 2000 strategic outsourcing customers.

“This partnership provides organizations a cost-effective, automated vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation program,” said Charles Henderson, Global Head of X-Force Red. “And, since we offer X-Force Red VMS in conjunction with our X-Force Red penetration testing services, organizations get the full scope of top level offensive security – from automated scanning to manual testing – to find every not-yet-known vulnerability.”

“IBM X-Force Red helps the largest enterprises in the world securely create and implement DevSecOps practices to accelerate digital transformations,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys, Inc. “This expanded relationship equips IBM X-Force Red with an unprecedented level of global visibility that allows them to proactively protect organizations against cyber-attacks.”

2-Second Global Visibility with Qualys Cloud Agents
Qualys Cloud Agents enable instant global visibility of IT assets — including mobile users, ephemeral cloud instances and virtual devices — with up-to-date asset configuration data for security and compliance. A low-footprint agent installed on endpoints, Cloud Agents bring the high-performance functionality of all Qualys Cloud Platform services to all IT assets in the global enterprise. Qualys Cloud Agent architecture greatly simplifies asset discovery and tracking as well as security and compliance monitoring in highly dynamic cloud environments like IBM Cloud, Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

About Qualys Cloud Platform
As a revolutionary unified architecture powering more than 15 Qualys security and compliance Cloud Apps, the Qualys Cloud Platform offers customers a streamlined solution for avoiding the cost and complexities of managing multiple security vendors. By automatically gathering and analyzing security and compliance data from IT assets anywhere in one single-pane view, the Qualys Cloud Platform gives customers the scalability, visibility, accuracy and breadth of capabilities to fight cyber attacks and build security into their digital transformation initiatives.

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