CSI launches open API platform to provide secure connections to data

Computer Services introduces CSIbridge, an open application programming interface (API) platform, to give banks the power to build custom technology integrations that maximize efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

CSIbridge provides a platform that banks and third-party providers can use to access data for ancillary solutions.

CSI customers can take advantage of the open API platform to customize and release new services through pre-built APIs into banking features.

“Customers continue to expect more and more from their banking experience, so financial institutions must find innovative ways to keep up with the pace of change,” said Bob Ezell, chief product officer at CSI.

“CSIbridge enables our customers to work collaboratively with fintech providers on value-added solutions and enhancements that allow them to continually grow while providing the latest technology offerings.”

The platform currently offers API integrations into a catalog of CSI’s banking infrastructure.

Through this catalog of services, CSI will provide ongoing updates into each API, ensuring that all integrations utilize the most recent, secure programming versions.

The catalog will expand as technology advances to provide customers the ongoing ability to create customizations that help their bank thrive in a competitive market.

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