F5 simplifies network functions virtualization for service providers

F5 Networks introduced a network functions virtualization (NFV) offering for services that are deployed, scaled, managed, and decommissioned as service needs evolve.

F5’s new VNF Manager simplifies consumption of F5’s portfolio of VNFs (based on BIG-IP capabilities) that are provisioned in service providers’ networking environments.

With F5, organizations can take advantage of the lifecycle management of VNF services, unlocking scale and automation for newly virtualized networks without complexity.

This approach is fit for mobile operators and service providers looking to software-based infrastructures as part of their network evolution.

F5 also supports customers’ existing orchestration solutions for streamlined integration via open and extensible APIs.

“Service provider organizations have plenty of options when it comes to virtualizing elements of their network, but what they haven’t had previously is a package that delivers consumption-based pricing that can be tied directly to business outcomes,” said James Feger, VP and General Manager of F5’s Service Provider business.

“Beyond just VNFs and basic service management, F5’s new offering provides a preconfigured solution that gives customers push-button ease-of-use for capacity thresholds, along with service programmability and orchestration capabilities for specialized requirements.”

F5 offers solutions that are simple to purchase, deploy, manage, and upgrade in a “pay as you grow” model with subscription and perpetual licensing options.

To help utilization, resources can be automated and tailored for current initiatives, empowering customers to create, spin up, spin down, and add capacity to F5 VNF services immediately and automatically—all through the integrated F5 VNF Manager.

Additional solution benefits include:

Business agility – Service providers can introduce differentiated services with flexible VNF service layering and programmable service chaining to expand network capabilities without sacrificing control. Preconfigured solutions support auto-scaling, reducing the need for manual intervention (and the associated potential for errors).

Simplified operations – Network planning, sizing, and deployments can be accelerated with F5’s capacity-based consumption models and automation features, maximizing operational flexibility around elements such as the mobile core and virtual edge. In addition, the solution enables portable VNFs that can be moved as needed throughout the network.

Cost-savings – F5’s automated, capacity-based NFV capabilities reduce the risk (and expense) of both underutilization and overprovisioning. This approach can also limit the spend tied to testing, along with pre- and post-deployment lifecycle management.

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