ESET’s new line of enterprise security solutions now available in select countries

ESET announced the general availability of its new line of security solutions designed to help enterprise IT teams prevent, detect, respond to and predict cyber threats.

Within the new suite, ESET is introducing multiple cybersecurity services along with endpoint protection solutions.

The brand-new offering, ESET Enterprise Inspector, is an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tool, which provides real-time data from ESET’S endpoint security platform.

This solution is customizable, enabling customers to tailor the solution to their needs, and it provides visibility for complete prevention, detection and response against all types of cyber threats.

As recently reported by Forrester, buyers want an “endpoint security suite that consolidates capabilities and minimizes complexity when possible.” ESET’s new line of cybersecurity solutions meets this demand and offers something extra.

To harness the potential of ESET’s EDR tool, the new suite includes targeted cybersecurity services like ESET Threat Hunting, an on-demand forensic investigation tool providing detailed accounts of alarms or events, and ESET Threat Monitoring, offering monitoring of all ESET Enterprise Inspector data for all types of threat alerts.

Both ESET Threat Monitoring and ESET Threat Hunting are compatible with ESET Threat Intelligence, which provides insights on threats and attack sources which are verified by ESET research and development centers and ESET LiveGrid with 110 million sensors on threats and attack sources.

To create the compact solution on the market, ESET’s EDR tool is complemented by ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, an off-premise cloud sandbox providing analysis of zero-day and ransomware threats before they reach the network.

ESET also introduces ESET Security Management Center, the successor of ESET Remote Administrator. This console provides network visibility, security management and reporting from one control panel while adding elements to the whole suite.

ESET’s security solutions are made to address the needs of the IT security decision makers and offer a suite that can be deployed independently or together with existing ESET products – in a variety of bundled solutions – to fit the requirements of individual customers.

“We understand that global enterprises require cybersecurity solutions tailored for their business as we have cooperated with a number of them to create our all-new suite of security solutions,” said Juraj Malcho, CTO at ESET.

“We believe that any enterprise should be able to manage and customize their security solutions with ease, and we are proud that our new lineup reduces complexity and integrates seamlessly into their network.”

The solutions available starting today include:

  • ESET Enterprise Inspector,
  • ESET Security Management Center,
  • ESET Dynamic Threat Defense,
  • ESET Threat Monitoring and ESET Threat Hunting,
  • ESET Deployment and Upgrade Service.

The suite of solutions are now available in select countries, including US, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

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