Pivot3 launches Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution for severe environments

Pivot3 announced a new hybrid cloud solution to support the infrastructure needs of defense, intelligence and other operations at the “tactical edge.”

Optimized for analytics, virtual desktop infrastructure and IoT uses cases, Pivot3’s Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution allows customers with mission-critical requirements to capture, process and act on data immediately in the field.

“Whether you’re navigating uncertainty on the battlefield or facing austere environments, effective tactical operations require an IT solution that can weather any storm without compromising performance and ease of use,” said Jeff Forte, VP of Federal, Pivot3.

“Pivot3’s Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution allows agencies to reimagine their capabilities in the field and achieve new levels of control and data utilization, no matter the environment.”

As defense, intelligence and other agencies deploy more IoT-enabled intelligent devices in the field – from body cameras and sensors to virtual desktops – a solution is required that can withstand the elements of all environments.

Designed for extreme conditions, Pivot3’s Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution is a self-contained computing infrastructure platform that transforms vehicles, ships and planes into micro-datacenters with scalability.

It provides a common platform across tactical and traditional datacenter environments for all workloads, no matter where they live.

With Pivot3, agencies can add compute and capacity as needed to grow with the needs of the mission.

Powered by Pivot3’s Intelligence Engine, the solution provides NVMe flash performance, security, scale and resilience in a space, weight and power (SWaP)-optimized form factor capable of supporting multiple mission-critical workloads.

The Intelligence Engine features automation for “set-and-forget” policy-based management, which enables customers to guarantee performance to critical applications and automate data placement across private and public clouds.

The Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution enables policy-based replication, workload mobility and disaster recovery for complementary cloud services.

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