Monnit and Cradlepoint partner to deliver wireless connectivity solutions for IoT

Monnit announced a partnership with Cradlepoint, to offer wireless sensor-to-cloud connectivity solutions for IoT.

Under the partnership, Monnit’s ALTA wireless sensor adapters integrate with Cradlepoint wireless edge routers to provide reliable and secure connectivity of sensors to cloud-based monitoring applications.

“Monnit is excited to extend reliable sensing capabilities to Cradlepoint wireless routers with our ALTA wireless sensor adapter. Merging the two solutions allows both Monnit and Cradlepoint partners the ability to expand functionality of deployments in the field,” said Brad Walters, CEO and Founder, Monnit.

“Whether you’re an enterprise business or a smaller remote branch, you require the highest level of reliability when it comes to local sensor networks and connecting them to the cloud. ALTA wireless sensors combined with Cradlepoint’s high-performance routers offer businesses more flexibility and reliability than ever before.”

“Combining Cradlepoint wireless edge routers with Monnit’s ALTA wireless sensors offers business customers an enterprise-grade IoT connectivity solution that provides secure and reliable access to cloud applications,” said George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman, Cradlepoint.

“We’re pleased to offer new and existing Cradlepoint customers, as well as our carrier and channel partners, these integrated solutions for a wide array of sensor monitoring use cases.”

ALTA products offer four times the wireless range (1,200+ feet, non-line-of-site) and much stronger battery life than traditional sensors (12+ years on two AA batteries at 10-minute check-ins).

ALTA products also include bank-level security for data transmissions, onboard memory for data logging and over-the-air updates allowing for remote maintenance and feature enhancements.

Cradlepoint offers a portfolio of wireless edge routers, powered by the Cradlepoint NetCloud service, that provide IoT connectivity for on-premise, in-vehicle and in-field deployments.

NetCloud Manager simplifies deployment, management and troubleshooting of edge routers while NetCloud Perimeter lets customers setup an overlay that isolates and connects Monnit wireless sensors over the 4G LTE and internet-to-cloud monitoring applications.

Monnit’s IOTvantage partner program allows business partners to private label the solution. Custom kitting, product development and customized software features are also available to help tailor the solution for the customer’s specific needs.


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