Vault, QuintessenceLabs and Ziroh Labs to create encryption to secure government data

Vault will collaborate with QuintessenceLabs and Ziroh Labs with the aim of creating secure and scalable package for enterprise file synchronisation and sharing (EFSS) systems hosted in an secure environment.

Vault and QuintessenceLabs, based in Canberra, were recently awarded a slice of the $3 million 2017–18 Project Fund from AustCyber to advance Australia’s position in innovation and cybersecurity.

The consortium will bring together QuintessenceLabs’ quantum key generation and management with Vault’s ‘protected’ cloud.

Vault is also bringing on board Ziroh Labs’ homomorphic encryption technology, which will be a critical piece of a collaborative solution and will support an always encrypted paradigm.

“Cyber security is a strategic priority for Australia, as much for our national security as our economic prosperity. By supporting cyber security projects led by innovative Australian companies, we are raising the benchmark of capability development in the country and giving the Australian community increased confidence that their information is safe and secure,” Michelle Price, CEO, AustCyber.

“It’s positive to see the Australian Government investing in the future of technology and cybersecurity by supporting the collaboration of three Australian companies,” said Tony Marceddo, General Manager at Vault.

“It’s critical that we continue to research new ways in which we can protect and secure Australians’ personal data. By combining Ziroh’s homomorphic encryption, QuintessenceLabs’ quantum key generation and Vault’s protected cloud we plan to create a unique solution for the global security landscape.”

Ziroh’s homomorphic encryption secures files while they are at rest ensuring they are encrypted all the time.

QuintessenceLabs is using quantum key generation to create keys that will secure the homomorphic encrypted files.

Quantum key generation addresses computers’ lack of ability to randomise passwords and keys. To add another layer of security, the file is then stored on Vault’s ASD certified ‘protected’ cloud.

Aninda Sen, Co-founder and VP for ANZ at Ziroh Labs said, “Organisations and individuals are constantly sharing critical information, whether that be a username and password or mobile banking information. In every interaction, protection of people’s data must be a priority. If we can integrate homomorphic encryption, quantum key generation and secure cloud we can guarantee that Government and businesses will have the most secure system available.”

“Through our quantum key generation we are able to create a key that has the highest standards of security possible. Vault, Ziroh Labs and QuintessenceLabs have three outstanding security solutions that work really well on their own. Bringing them together will be a great achievement for the Australian technology sector. We are creating a solution that has three levels of some of the most advanced security solutions available,” said Vikram Sharma, Founder and CEO at QuintessenceLabs.

Through its Projects Fund, AustCyber funds collaborative cyber security projects that address the Industry Knowledge Priorities from its Sector Competitiveness Plan.

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