NTT Security launches WSaaS as part of its partnership program with Symantec

NTT Security has announced it is ready to deliver its unified service in partnership with Symantec Corporation.

NTT Security, which announced its intention to enter into a strategic partnership in April, will integrate Symantec’s cloud based security service with NTT Security’s threat detection, providing Web Security as a Service (WSaaS).

WSaaS will be the first service offered through the partnership program, which was set up to bolster web security services to clients across the cloud, mobile and on-premise, and will be delivered as part of NTT Security’s Global Managed Security Services.

NTT Security has been developing various technologies to provide cloud based security services as part of the program.

The new service will provide threat intelligence, analysis and protection, together with the management and security monitoring of cloud-based web security solutions.

It has been designed by NTT Security and Symantec to reduce overall security risk, minimize the impact of security threats, and help clients meet compliance requirements.

The service offloads network and device monitoring, security analysis and security management, allowing clients to focus on the delivery of secure IT services for their organization.

As a standard feature, WSaaS will provide risk ratings based on threat intelligence from both Symantec and NTT Security which will be more effective in providing security analysis and deployment through both agent and agentless capabilities.

NTT Security will be able to handle logs from web security services as well as on-premise security appliances such as Proxy, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System and Intrusion Detection System and Sandbox for correlated analysis.

WSaaS is served on NTT Security’s global managed security services platform, which enables security services with the same quality across the globe.

Kazu Yozawa, CTO at NTT Security commented: “The unified service is a vital step towards reducing security complexity and accelerating our clients’ digital transformation for their cloud journey. WSaaS delivers convenient cloud based security services with advanced threat detection and response. The advantages of cloud based security services are easy and enable swift deployment of secured internet access. The same controls and security policies can be applied to distributed locations covering all aspects of today’s enterprise businesses from cloud and mobile through to on-premise.”

Greg Clark, Symantec CEO commented: “The cloud presents tremendous opportunity for organizations, but also introduces a whole new set of security and compliance risks. Symantec has invested heavily in innovations and integrations of CASB, network security proxies and endpoint solutions to solve these cloud generation challenges. We are very proud to be partnering with NTT Security to deliver these innovations to our joint customers.”

NTT Security will continue to develop security solutions including using Symantec’s cloud based sandbox and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) service, which are also planned for future release.

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