New infosec products of the week​: September 7, 2018

IDERA updates toolset for SQL Server security and compliance

SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager work together to help database administrators establish and enforce security policies for SQL Server environments on Windows OS, whether located on premises or in the cloud. This enables companies to audit for regulatory guidelines and requirements, such as the GDPR and the HIPAA regulations.

infosec products september 2018

BitSight unveils cybersecurity performance planning and analytics solution

BitSight announced the availability of BitSight Forecasting, the analytics offering in the Security Rating Services industry to provide visibility into a company’s security program, as well as insights into the efficacy of its investments and initiatives. BitSight Forecasting will help customers identify the course of action to improve their cybersecurity risk posture.

infosec products september 2018

WhiteHat Security unveils AI capabilities for Sentinel Dynamic DAST solution to empower DevSecOps

WhiteHat Security unveiled that new, artificial intelligence (AI) software is being added to WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic, its dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution, which draws from a data lake of 95 million identified vulnerabilities. The enhancements will enable WhiteHat to deliver the accuracy which can be achieved through automated testing with additional human verification.

infosec products september 2018

Cloudistics Migration Manager enables workload migrations between platforms

Cloudistics announced the release of Cloudistics Migration Manager for the company’s Ignite platform. A no-cost application that is built into the Cloudistics Application Marketplace, it provides migration for workloads to Cloudistics, enabling users to migrate workloads in hours.

infosec products september 2018

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