Verizon Digital Media Services adds managed security services to its Cloud Security Solution

Verizon Digital Media Services announced it has added a managed cloud security offering as part of its global Cloud Security Solution. The managed cloud security component provides access to security professionals who monitor and take corrective action against the security threats, no matter the time of day.

The addition of this offering complements features previously available within Verizon Digital Media Services’ Cloud Security Solution, including a dual web application firewall (WAF), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, bot management, and real-time analytics and reporting.

“Any security threat or vulnerability is a distraction of resources and valuable time for a business,” said Frank Orozco, Chief Technology Officer for Verizon Digital Media Services. “By leveraging our managed cloud security feature, our customers can now lean on our dedicated security teams to monitor and protect their web and mobile applications, so they can concentrate on growing their business.”

The managed cloud security offering provides security support from a dedicated Computer Security Incident Response Team. Based in Verizon’s Security Operations Center, the team provides 24×7 monitoring and mitigation.

Additionally, the Cloud Security Advisory Team from Verizon Digital Media Services, which manages WAF and HTTP Rate Limiting configurations, provides planning support and recommendations to ensure maximum protection throughout web application changes.

Additional Cloud Security Solution features include:

  • Cloud security networks with HTTP Rate Limiting to absorb the DDoS attacks, while maintaining application or mobile performance;
  • Origin protection to defend against direct-to-origin DDoS attacks;
  • A dual WAF capability empowering customers to maintain protection on a previously approved rule while simultaneously testing new rules — both against production traffic. This WAF is complete with custom rulesets that can be updated instantly to help businesses stay on top of the current threats;
  • Botnet detection and mitigation, powered by Distil Networks, which leverages fingerprinting technology to isolate botnet attacks while enabling legitimate users continued access;
  • Real-time analytics and reporting to monitor and deliver alerts on live threats and attacks within seconds of occurrence.


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