Shadow Search: Find cyber threats across the open, deep and dark web

Digital Shadows has announced the availability of Shadow Search – providing security analysts with a search tool to make decisions to protect their organization from cyber threats.

Previously available as a key feature within Digital Shadows core SearchLight, Shadow Search is now available as a subscription-based service on its own due to the positive response by internal security teams who wanted to self-serve looking for threats from the open, deep, and dark web.

Shadow Search delivers threat insight with context through:

  • Immediate access: instant access to strategic, tactical and technical threat intelligence via a single interface.
  • Extensive coverage: a data repository including curated strategic threat intelligence, exploit and vulnerability information, and raw threat intelligence from the open, deep, and dark web.
  • Actionable information: results with associated observables, an interface and export, allowing analysts to make searches and rapid use of the intelligence they find.
  • Relevant results: smart filters and a search syntax enable analysts to focus on the relevant information.

For the last seven years, Digital Shadows has amassed a collection of threat intelligence assets, and enabled access to complimentary expert security sources.

Shadow Search provides subscribers with access to this data and the ability to manage their third-party risk, investigate security incidents, monitor trends and enrich threat hunting of client-specific indicators and threat actors jeopardizing their business, brand and reputation.

Alastair Paterson, CEO of Digital Shadows explains: “For the last six months, existing SearchLight customers have been using Shadow Search to ‘self-serve’ and discover for themselves the array of threats on the criminal web that are lined up against them. Threats they have uncovered include malicious domains, compromised data and criminal ‘chatter’ directed against their organization. Many have also discovered evidence of accidental data loss. Shadow Search empowers organizations to mitigate these threats. Making it available as a standalone product will greatly enhance the breadth of organizations that can take advantage of the unique insight only Digital Shadows can bring to them.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Digital Shadows, the leader in digital risk management,” said Peter Dietrich, President and CEO, Anchor Technologies, Inc.

“Shadow Search is the perfect addition to enable our clients to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of front-line Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and threat hunters to make mission-critical security decisions. We are proud to partner with Digital Shadows and applaud the visibility and context that Shadow Search offers.”

Finally, a lead IT security analyst for a global retailer concludes: “Shadow Search enables us to make sense of massive amounts of data from the deep, dark and open web by making it more accessible and discoverable – helping us make more informed decisions on security incident response and threat hunting.”

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