Utimaco launches Cryptoserver Cloud: HSM as a Service for secure multi-cloud environments

Utimaco announced its cloud HSM offering in Europe and Asia. With CryptoServer Cloud, the German hardware security specialist launches a customizable HSM as a Service. The solution enables Cloud Service Providers (CSP) independence and provides organizations in multi-cloud environments with security and flexibility. CryptoServer Cloud will hit Asian and European markets in early November.

Dedicated HSM and security

Utimaco’s cloud offering includes a dedicated HSM for each customer. This approach guarantees access and administrative rights on the complete HSM and achieves security.

The HSM is hosted in compliant neutral data centers certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI. This service offers a repository for cryptographic key material and sensitive assets – such as custom code – in the secure perimeter of an HSM in the cloud.

Cloud service provider independence

The offering provides users with a CSP-agnostic option for customers migrating to multi-cloud environments, allowing them to store their cryptographic keys in a separate location independent of the CSP. Additionally, the cloud service features scalability.

“Utimaco CryptoServer Cloud offers customers the ability to support a wide range of data security compliance standards and cryptographic algorithms,” says Malte Pollmann, CEO of Utimaco.

“This empowers organizations to securely implement their cloud strategy while maintaining multi-cloud agility. We provide a simple-to-use and straightforward option for keeping encryption keys and firmware in an HSM in the cloud – but separate from the cloud vendor. The external cloud HSM enables customers to switch cloud vendors effortlessly or to use multiple cloud vendors without losing control over their encryption keys and thus getting locked in. Similarly, it simplifies partial or complete cloud exit strategies.”

With the Utimaco HSM software simulator, prospects and customers can design and test the integration of a cloud-based HSM into their solution or infrastructure and prepare for a seamless migration.

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