AVG 2019 now includes enhanced phishing threat detection

With AVG 2019 customers can now tailor new features for themselves and family members that include additional privacy protection, automatic threat detection using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and reduced notifications from other apps and programs when using full screen mode.

Privacy protection

One of the new privacy features in AVG 2019 is Sensitive Data Shield, which allows premium users to safeguard personal data they may have stored on devices in the home with an extra layer of protection, from unwanted snoops or cybercriminals.

Sensitive Data Shield identifies files that contain information about them and their family, such as employment records, health records, and travel tickets, and then offers users the option to protect these files by blocking or “shielding” both unauthorized software (malware), and people from accessing and making changes to those files.

To avoid awkward situations while presenting at work, or to ensure the kids aren’t disturbed when gaming online, the new Do Not Disturb Mode disables notifications from appearing when a program is in full screen mode.

Do Not Disturb blocks notifications from Windows, browsers and more, so people can either focus on their gaming experience or be reassured that audiences will only view the presentation they are supposed to see.

AI-based detection of phishing threats

AVG 2019 uses AI to detect phishing websites, a growing threat for consumers using online services like banking and shopping. This next generation technology comes for free, and checks a site’s URL for suspicious tokens, domain meta information, and inspects the visual aspects of sites. This happens automatically, so there is nothing to setup or customize. In 99% of cases, it can recognize a phishing site within less than ten seconds and create a detection to protect AVG users from phishing scams.

“With AVG 2019, we have focused on enhancing the experience and expectations of our customers and their families, and particularly addressed the key concern of personal privacy,” said Ondrej Vlcek, EVP and CTO at Avast and AVG.

“Privacy has many dimensions and can be invaded in different ways, whether it be a sensitive message popping up on a presenter’s screen during business meeting, or unauthorized access to personal data in an attack by cybercriminals. Additionally, the latest phishing techniques can make attacks feel very personalized and our aim is to make our users and their families feel safer and have greater peace of mind whenever they are online.”

All AVG 2019 products include real-time protection from viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans and other malware. Users are protected from unsafe links, downloads and email attachments, as well as from dangerous websites, links and downloads.

AVG Internet Security users also get a layer of Ransomware Protection, keeping them safe from ransomware, and from spies, with WebCam Protection. Also included in the AVG Internet Security version are four additional features:

  • Hacker Protection, preventing cybercriminals from accessing the families’ private files, photos, and passwords,
  • Private Data Protection, giving users the option to encrypt private photos or shred unwanted files,
  • Payment Protection, for secure browsing, banking and shopping,
  • Secure DNS, ensuring the user is not redirected to fake websites when performing sensitive actions online, like shopping or banking.
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