Edgecore Gateway will bring economics of open disaggregated networking to mobile networks

Edgecore Networks is developing and will market Odyssey-DCSG, an open networking cell site gateway that conforms to the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) specification developed by Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, and TIM Brazil within the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

Edgecore will contribute the hardware design of the cell site gateway to TIP, and will make the Odyssey-DCSG product generally available in Q3 2019. The Edgecore Odyssey-DCSG gateway will enable service providers to deploy 4G and 5G wireless services with the economies of disaggregated open network technology.

“The next generation of mobile networks need disaggregated open infrastructures that offer choice, innovation, and cost efficiencies,” said Luis MartinGarcia, Co-Lead, Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways project group, TIP, and Network Technologies Manager, Facebook.

“Leading network operators have worked with the DCSG group to define the specific requirements for cell site gateways to enable this infrastructure. We are pleased with Edgecore’s contributions to that work, and their commitment to develop and deliver the DCSG gateway to the market as a fully open network product.”

The Edgecore Odyssey-DCSG cell site gateway will conform to the TIP DCSG specification for cell site deployment, supporting existing base stations and planned 5G base stations, and providing 25GbE backhaul uplinks. As with all Edgecore open network products, the cell site gateway will support a range of commercial and open source software options, providing network operators with choices for NOS, SDN and orchestration platforms.

“With ever increasing bandwidth demands and the upcoming rollout of 5G services, mobile networks are perfectly suited for the deployment of high volume, disaggregated and open network elements, which have been proven to lower costs and increase service flexibility in our customers telecom and data center networks,” said George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks.

“Earlier this month, Edgecore introduced the industry’s first open and disaggregated cell site gateway in conformance to the Cell Site Router Gateway specification that AT&T contributed to the OCP Telco Project. We have also been working with the TIP DCSG group and its lead European operators, and are pleased to develop the Odyssey-DCSG gateway tailored to their cell site requirements and 5G rollouts.”

The Odyssey-DCSG gateway will provide four 1GbE RJ45 ports and eight 10/25Gbe SFP28 ports, with full IEEE 1588 timing and GPS functions, in a 1U enclosure, meeting requirements for outside plant and cabinet deployment. The gateway will be available for evaluations in Q1 with general availability in Q3 2019.

“The cell site gateway presents mobile network operators with an enormous challenge and a huge budgetary headache,” said Niall Robinson, VP Global Business Development, ADVA.

“What we’re developing here with Edgecore and other TIP partners in the DCSG group is a way to overcome these issues in the most open and disaggregated way possible. And this is something we already have a lot of experience with. The cell site gateway solution we’re building will provide the likes of Vodafone, Telefonica, BT and other mobile network operators with a clear opportunity to seize 5G opportunities like never before.”

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