SSH and Fujitsu partner to offer privileged access as a service

SSH and Fujitsu have signed a partnership agreement that enables Fujitsu to offer SSH’s PrivX Cloud Access Gateway to complement its Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering.

The collaboration between Fujitsu and SSH enables a new approach to the management of privileged access to business systems for insourced and outsourced software developers, including DevOps teams. Privileged users gain secure, role-based, on-demand access to development and production resources, helping improve security and reduce administration.

Integrated with Fujitsu IDaaS, SSH’s PrivX is a ‘keyless’ on-demand solution, giving organizations a unified way of provisioning access, and resolving the common problem of employees losing or forgetting passwords.

The cloud-based solution also resolves the issue of security breaches from both intentional and unintentional insider threats, by removing unmanaged keys and eliminating passwords from SysAdmin access to cloud and server environments.

SSH works with global and regional cloud service providers (CSPs) and IDaaS vendors to widen the reach of PrivX and the agreement with Fujitsu is a part of this initiative.

As a ‘keyless’ on-demand solution, PrivX solves one of the biggest concerns for CIOs and CISOs today: how to manage an endless number of privileged access credentials, usually created ad hoc, that waste resources and expand the threat surface.

Fujitsu’s IDaaS is an access management solution for hybrid IT environments, ensuring scalability, deployment and a short time to market. It provides access to resources in hybrid IT environments, keeping identities and credentials safe.

IDaaS is designed with self-service and multiple authentication protocols, including biometric authentication. User ID processing and permissions management is integrated into directories, systems, cloud services and applications using open, standard interfaces.

Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO at SSH, said: “We see this partnership as a true win-win, especially for our customers. Adding PrivX’s powerful capabilities to Fujitsu’s leading IDaaS solution provides a unified suite of tools to automate the provisioning and management of access to systems, applications, data and resources. Together with Fujitsu, we can offer a more comprehensive solution and help customers to become secure, faster.”

Petri Heinälä, Security Offerings Architect, Fujitsu EMEIA, said: “Working with partners like SSH.COM helps Fujitsu widen its offering to better meet customer needs. The keyless on-demand approach of PrivX is a perfect fit for Fujitsu’s IDaaS offering. PrivX’s clientless operation, streamlined workflows, and multi-cloud asset auto-discovery are just some examples of the exciting features we can now offer to administrators, developers and DevOps teams. This alliance is yet another milestone as Fujitsu continues to expand its portfolio of Managed Security Services across the region.”

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