Z1 Global TrustPoint simplifies the exchange of email certificates

With the latest version of the online certificate portal Z1 Global TrustPoint, Zertificon Solutions has simplified and accelerated the publication of email certificates. This will make certificate-based email encryption more efficient for everyone involved.

With email encryption, the email certificates of the communication partners must be available and validated in real time. Z1 Global TrustPoint assumes responsibility for this process. Here you will find not only certificates from public certification authorities, but also those of authorities and companies with their own certificate-issuing offices such as the BSI (Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security), Volkswagen or Siemens. In addition, each certificate holder can publish their certificate online at Z1 Global TrustPoint.

As part of making the certificate portal GDPR compliant the manual review of individual certificates uploaded via the website has been replaced by an automated process. After the certificate has been uploaded, the certificate holder authorizes the publication of their certificate via a confirmation link in an email. With just a few clicks, certificates are made available almost in real time to communication partners throughout the world.

Zertificon business solutions, such as Z1 SecureMail Gateway, have always published user certificates at Z1 Global TrustPoint. Third parties can download these and start a confidential mail communication with companies using Z1 SecureMail Gateway.

Third parties can, in turn, upload their own certificates to the certificate portal, which are then available to all connected gateways for email encryption.

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