WindTalker launches cloud-based content security technology

WindTalker launched its cloud-based content security software with an initial focus on the legal sector. The WindTalker platform allows attorneys and business professionals to protect a document’s text and image content. WindTalker solves the four key challenges that organizations struggle to manage: “Need-To-Know” access to sensitive information, unrestricted information sharing, a user-friendly application, and user awareness of sensitive information.

WindTalker scales to suit organizations of all sizes and is designed for use by law firms, corporations, government agencies, and any entity which needs to protect sensitive or privileged information. The software classifies, encrypts, redacts, and labels sensitive content within documents. WindTalker delivers control, protection, and compartmentalized access via permissions.

Law firms and corporate legal departments can leverage WindTalker to secure documents for corporate, transactional, and litigation matters. Corporations can protect documents containing confidential text and images related to intellectual property/R&D, human resources, financial, and executive privilege. Government agencies need WindTalker to protect confidential information that is not subject to public disclosure.

According to Marc Colin, Managing Partner of Denver-based Bruno, Colin & Lowe, P.C. law firm: “Bruno, Colin & Lowe is committed to providing optimal security and risk management for our firm and its clients. WindTalker provides us with the tools we need to protect and securely share sensitive information both internally and externally. In fact, WindTalker has quickly become a cornerstone of our client data protection and our digital transformation programs and it is so important that we are recommending WindTalker to our clients.”

Christopher Combs, President of CEO of WindTalker, said: “Information security breaches are more prevalent than ever, and WindTalker effectively solves the problem of securing sensitive content within a document. WindTalker increases productivity and saves time and money by streamlining workflow. We have already successfully installed WindTalker at several client sites, and our robust sales pipeline confirms that we are introducing the right product at the right time. WindTalker’s applications are infinite, and its potential is unlimited.”

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