Covata’s Enterprise Security Console to provide visibility and control over sensitive data

Covata launched Enterprise Security Console that provides C-level executives, information owners, and IT administrators with a single pane of glass to discover and understand where sensitive data is stored and whether it is appropriately secured. By putting this information in context, Covata provides users with the ability to classify, protect, and control their information, reducing risk and improving the management of sensitive and regulated, unstructured data.

Within a typical enterprise, unstructured data such as files and emails are entirely ungoverned leading to wasted resources, quality issues, and unmanaged risk. By providing a view of this information and its risks, Covata’s Enterprise Security Console helps reduce costs and data quality issues caused by storing unnecessary information. By balancing centralized control and user empowerment, the console helps to prevent unauthorized access while relieving users from the need to manage regulatory compliance.

“We are excited to continue expanding Covata’s capabilities to help organizations protect and control their sensitive data,” said Covata’s Head of Product and Delivery, Hugh Stodart. “By consolidating control into one place for companies to securely manage their data we are delivering on our mission to provide our customers with increased compliance, reduced risk and costs, and improved productivity.”

Covata’s Enterprise Security Console tackles security challenges across a range of industry verticals. The lack of visibility and control over unstructured information represents a gap in risk management practices within the financial services sector. Within healthcare, data quality issues can cause inaccurate analytics results leading to poor medical care, at best. Governments struggle with inaccurate data classification, which increases costs due to over-classifying and increases risk due to under-classifying.

In the digital era, an organization’s inability to maintain access governance and data encryption causes privacy compliance exposure. Covata’s Enterprise Security Console empowers businesses to discover, protect, and control their sensitive information across multiple platforms with security for Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365, Secure Enterprise File Sharing & Collaboration, and Access Security Broker capabilities through our API translator.

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