Login VSI announces Release 3 of Login PI for proactive monitoring

With this release, Login VSI introduces a new concept named Deep Application Performance Testing, providing a view of application end-user experience. Login PI R3 also features a new architecture and improved interface.

“Where other solutions probe logons up to application launch, the advanced virtual user technology of Login PI R3 goes deep into the applications to test the complete User Experience,” says Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI. “In Login PI R3 the performance of each granular user action can be tested, measured and visualized, of every relevant application running in VDI, SBC or the Cloud.”

Login PI was introduced in 2016 and uses synthetic users running 24/7, to test and safeguard the performance and availability of virtual desktop infrastructures and associated business applications. Login PI detects, and alerts to, changes in logon times and actual tasks-in-an-application processing.

Introducing Deep Application Performance Testing

Custom workflows can be built including conditional logic statements to provide more resiliency and flexibility in reproducing real-life enterprise line-of-business workflows. Granular workflow actions and event timings can all be scheduled separately. Login PI R3 also offers support for all major line-of-business and productivity applications.

“The new architecture of Login PI R3 makes the product easier to implement, integrate, manage and configure. Login PI R3 is also cloud-ready, and more secure and scalable than ever before,” says Blair Parkhill, Director of Products. “The interface of Login PI R3 introduces new dashboards, providing more detailed, more comprehensive, and easier to use, performance and availability information.”

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