Axio launches cyber risk management platform to enable utilization of NIST-CSF

Axio launched its new NIST-CSF risk management platform. Built by security and insurance execs, Axio’s plaform measures cyber program maturity using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, establishes a baseline for cyber readiness, and provides a risk reduction roadmap for ongoing improvement.

Axio’s platform enables risk officers and CISOs to:

  • Achieve and sustain visibility into their overall cyber program maturity through model-driven, on-demand assessments.
  • Benchmark NIST-CSF utilization relative to peers and industry practices.
  • Establish baselines for program performance to identify, analyze and prioritize gaps and ensure cyber readiness.
  • Develop an action plan and roadmap to improve, while staying aligned with the evolving risk climate.
  • Prioritize actions and investments based on the impact to their business.
  • Monitor and report on cyber program maturity as it changes over time.

“Organizations have been desiring a NIST-CSF capability that is more than a quick checklist of practices or a consultant’s report. We’ve built a platform that enables an organization can to truly engrain the NIST-CSF into their cybersecurity strategy. It allows organizations to maintain and evolve multiple assessments, benchmark internally and against industry peers, and perhaps most importantly, report improvement progress to the C-Suite and Board of Directors,” comments Jason Christopher, Axio Chief Technology Officer and former technical lead for NIST-CSF development for the US Department of Energy.

“Axio’s platform is a great example of how we hoped industry would utilize the NIST-CSF, because the framework was built as a means for organizations to continually manage and evolve their cybersecurity programs. Axio has responded well to the needs of industry in a creating a platform that enables organizations to tailor to their specific needs and maximize the potential of the NIST-CSF,” said Samara Moore, former National Security Council Staff Director and White House lead in working with NIST on development of the NIST-CSF.

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