Code Dx Enterprise offers new dashboard providing AppSec visualization

Code Dx released the newest version of its Code Dx Enterprise. Code Dx 3.5 now offers a new dashboard with metric visualization, providing AppSec professionals with information about all of their application testing activities—all in one place, to provide an understanding of their application’s security status.

“We partnered with leading cybersecurity visualization experts to conduct research to determine what information AppSec practitioners really need to see and how that data should be shown,” said Ken Prole, CSSLP, chief technology officer at Code Dx. “Now, users of Code Dx Enterprise have a complete dashboard that guides them through the entire AppSec testing process, presenting all the information from multiple testing tools in one place and in a way that makes sense to them.”

The new dashboard shows users metrics and information about all of their testing activities, not just reports from single tools. They can explore this data to determine which tools are working well for their AppSec program, and identify security and vulnerability trends.

In addition to the new dashboard, Code Dx version 3.5 also offers two-way Jira integration and MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) compliance. Code Dx is committed to working with the regulatory and industry standards. By adding MISRA compliance mapping, organizations can now ensure that their code complies with this standard.

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