ForgeRock and Socure partner to secure the customer identity lifecycle

Socure and ForgeRock partner to enable companies to deliver a user experience for customers from initial onboarding through the lifecycle of their digital relationship with a brand. The combination of Socure’s AI-based risk scoring and ForgeRock’s identity and access management platform enables businesses to make real-time digital identity verification, access and authorization decisions with speed and accuracy.

The joint solution combines ForgeRock’s Identity Platform with Socure’s digital identity verification service for day zero customer on boarding and automated provisioning of all subsequent processes by ForgeRock. This combination ensures that only verified users will be onboarded through the ForgeRock provisioning process with the accuracy. The ForgeRock-Socure integration reduces fraud, manual reviews and streamlines onboarding during new account opening. It also makes it simple for joint customers to build registration processes and ensure end-users have all the access they need instantly.

“Providing new customers a 100% digital, frictionless account opening experience, while meeting know-your-customer requirements and preventing fraud is simply not possible using traditional identity verification methods,” said Johnny Ayers, Co-Founder & SVP for Socure. “Our partnership with ForgeRock allows customers to convert new account applications without manual reviews and make authentication and identity management virtually transparent to end users.”

“The account registration process is the first impression you give a customer about what it is like to do business with you, you can hook them or lose them forever at that moment,” commented Ben Goodman, Vice President, Global Strategy and Innovation at ForgeRock. “Integration with innovative technology like Socure allows our customers to on-board their new users rapidly and securely in a way which minimizes abandonment and provides a delightful experience from the very beginning.”

The Socure ID+ platform combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and clustering algorithms to learn customer identity from their digital footprints. By calculating risk and correlation scores, Socure ID+ empowers businesses to increase online transaction acceptance rates, as well as reduce manual reviews and fraud.

ForgeRock allows businesses to manage the complete identity lifecycle of people, services, and things. From identity to device registration, provisioning, social registration, profiles, profile and privacy management, synchronization, reconciliation, and more.

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