Tanium launches Reveal to allow organizations to identify, monitor and protect sensitive data

Tanium revealed an addition to its product portfolio with the launch of Tanium Reveal. The new module builds on the foundation of the Tanium platform and helps organizations identify sensitive data across endpoints and determine if that data has been exposed.

In this era of digital transformation, organizations are collecting and processing more data than ever before, on an ever-increasing number of devices. Business Resilience requires an understanding of where sensitive data resides, the context to understand how it got there, and the controls to ensure it is protected. To meet these needs, Tanium has introduced Tanium Reveal as part of its product portfolio, extending its single-platform approach to endpoint management and security.

With Tanium Reveal, organizations can reduce risks of data exposure, mitigate the impact of breaches and prepare for regulatory compliance obligations. The solution helps organizations define sensitive data patterns, monitor their entire IT environment for matching files, and then categorize, notify, alert, and take direct action.

Key features of Tanium Reveal include:

  • Efficient, fast, and scalable: Traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products require a complex architecture of indexing servers and databases that result in slow performance and poor scalability. Through its use of the Tanium platform, Tanium Reveal can identify, search, and monitor sensitive data across hundreds of thousands of endpoints with the same single management server and client – no need for any additional infrastructure.
  • Flexible content: Tanium Reveal provides rules to help organizations identify sensitive data governed by regulations like GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and HIPAA. Users can also define their own rules to detect any type of sensitive or proprietary data, specifying the types of files to match against, the patterns to detect, and how to tag and alert on matches.
  • Near real time awareness: Tanium Reveal provides organizations with the ability to drill from rulesets to machines and files. In addition, Tanium Reveal helps organizations review sensitive data and initiate actions from a single console.
  • Safe data handling: Many traditional DLP solutions aggregate indices of sensitive data onto centralized storage, which can introduce additional risks of data exposure. Tanium Reveal preserves sensitive data at its origin, which can reduce these risks and simplify regulatory compliance.

Ryan Kazanciyan, Chief Product Officer at Tanium explains: “Organizations have attempted to implement data loss protection technologies for decades, and yet still find that they cannot adequately keep track of where sensitive information of all shapes and sizes resides in their environments. The pace of growth in both connected endpoints, and the data that they collect and retain, has far exceeded what’s supportable by these legacy technologies. This gap limits the ability to prioritize security controls, slows down efforts to scope the impact of breaches, and compounds the level of effort required to maintain or demonstrate regulatory compliance.”

“Tanium Reveal was born from a simple idea: make searching for sensitive data across an enterprise as fast as any other Tanium question – delivering results at top speed. We’re excited to deliver both rapid ad-hoc search and continuous monitoring, allowing users to define, track, and protect sensitive information across even the largest and most complex environments.”

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