AppGuard releases server protection

AppGuard launched AppGuard Server, the server protection solution built from scratch that addresses specific server only requirements. It is the lightest weight solution available, ensuring no compromise of server performance while providing maximum security.

Existing AppGuard clients were so impressed with the endpoint technology they started a solution to protect servers. Most server products on the market are merely an adaption of their flagship endpoint product and it does not provide the same level of protection. AppGuard is Zero Trust Endpoint Protection across the endpoint, the server and in the near future, the mobile device and IOT.

“Server security is an often overlooked element in an organization’s protection profile. However, it is a primary attack target for organized hackers. AppGuard Server addresses this risk with the same superior technology it utilizes to protect endpoints,” said Bob Bigman, former CISO for the CIA.

Web servers and SQL servers are open to the public and are the last line of defense, which makes them prone to an attack. Zero day vulnerability attacks, pass the hash, memory scraping and SQL injection attacks that are unknown, are not effectively defended using today’s technology which includes WAF/IPS/IDS and even endpoint solutions based on Anti-Virus and White Listing. AppGuard Server is the only last line of defense to defeat such attacks.

AppGuard Server, with context-driven-launch defeats “file-less” or “malware-less” attacks and is also effective in preventing lateral moves to other servers. Today’s advanced server attacks utilize built-in MS utility tools. AppGuard Server’s isolation technology using trusted folders and inheritance, prevent these attacks without effecting ease of server maintenance & operations by system administrators.

“AppGuard Server expands our suite of zero trust cybersecurity solutions and addresses a significant opportunity in the market to provide protection for organizations where our competition have continuously struggled. Through our beta program we have received extremely positive feedback confirming our solution addresses the current gap in server protection,” said Jon Loew, CEO of AppGuard.

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