SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS available in AWS Solution Space

SIOS Technology unveiled that its SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS is now available in AWS Solution Space. SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS provides availability, data replication, and disaster recovery in a solution on AWS. SIOS is also offering a special consultancy service.

“Businesses must ensure that the SAP applications that power their data and systems provide the same service levels that are achieved in their on-premises data,” said Jerry Melnick, president and CEO, SIOS Technology.

“Without high availability and disaster protection, they can suffer downtime should cloud services be interrupted. An enterprise must find the right HA solution to protect the critical components of their SAP environment, while efficiently managing resources and costs. AWS is partnering with SIOS to achieve the strictest levels of high availability for our customers and the SAP applications they are moving to the AWS cloud.”

SIOS clustering solutions are unique in the breadth of applications, operating systems and infrastructure environments supported, giving enterprises a single solution to handle their availability needs. SIOS offers easy and flexible configuration, fast replication, and monitoring and protection of the SAP and SAP HANA with application-aware availability to ensure maximum uptime and reliable operations.

To make the deployment of SIOS SAP-certified Protection Suite for Linux on the AWS Cloud, a Quick Start was created by SIOS Technology in collaboration with AWS. Quick Starts are reference deployments that use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy key technologies on AWS, following AWS best practices. This Quick Start is for enterprise users who want to deploy SIOS Protection Suite for Linux on AWS into their SAP test or production environment.

SIOS SAP Consultancy Offer

SIOS offers service solutions to help develop and deploy SAP architectures in AWS designed to meet availability requirements. Now, SIOS is making available a SIOS SAP Consultancy Offer that includes a 90-minute no-charge availability assessment and introduction to availability designs for SAP. Customers who choose to purchase additional SIOS services after completing this assessment are eligible for a 50% discount on the SIOS Quick Start deployment service comprised of two days of professional services representing a total savings of over $3,000.

SIOS SAP Consultancy Services include assessment, training, configuration and installation of SIOS Protection Suite for SAP and SAP HANA on AWS. Service solutions are built on practices developed through experience acquired over 20 years of delivering availability solutions to support mission-critical applications.

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