Deloitte launches new proprietary solution to help manage records disclosure and data privacy

In response to increasing demand for disclosure of government records and mounting regulatory requirements for personal data privacy, Deloitte launched a workflow management platform. Built on Relativity’s ediscovery platform and hosted in Deloitte’s FedRAMP-authorized environment, Deloitte’s disclosure solution is designed to help Deloitte clients manage information requests, create Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) responses and reports and manage data privacy.

In coming months, Deloitte’s disclosure solution will also be available on Relativity’s cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform RelativityOne.

“The amount of data that government agencies must identify and review to respond to requests for disclosure of information is growing, as is the volume of requests government agencies face from their own and other agencies, Congress, opposing counsel in litigation and the general public,” said Chris Knox, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory managing director and a leader in the Federal discovery practice, Deloitte Transaction and Business Analytics LLP.

“Analysts in U.S. FOIA offices need to efficiently and accurately respond to hundreds of thousands of information requests annually, while also protecting individuals’ data privacy rights. Traditional case management tools simply aren’t built to decrease backlogs, to reduce human error, to meet requester expectations and to compile annual FOIA reporting quickly and efficiently.”

Deloitte’s disclosure solution helps automate redactions, applies analytics to and improves efficiency of responses to information requests, while also offering scalable data privacy regulatory compliance functionality.

Knox continued, “Technologies like robotic process automation, advanced analytics and machine learning have progressed such that they can now help organizations — in both government and private sector — more efficiently and more accurately respond to records requests. They can also help manage data privacy with the scalability to address current regulations as well as potential regulations that may be announced in the future.”

With Relativity offered in 28 countries and supported by more than 130 Relativity-certified professionals, the 600-member Deloitte Discovery team helps clients manage multinational litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance matters.

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