Daniel Stenberg, founder and Chief Architect of cURL, joins wolfSSL

wolfSSL, the leading provider of TLS cryptography and the world’s first commercial release of TLS 1.3, announces integration with cURL, the open source command line tool and library written in C with more than 5 billion installations worldwide. As part of the integration, Daniel Stenberg, founder and Chief Architect of cURL, will join the wolfSSL team.

If you are not familiar, cURL is used in command lines or scripts to transfer data. It is also used in cars, television sets, routers, printers, audio equipment, mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, as well as media players, and is the internet transfer backbone for thousands of software applications affecting billions of humans daily.

“cURL is the best of the best! We are really fired up! There are a lot of cURL consumers in the wolfSSL community that will immediately benefit from tighter integration between the products,” states wolfSSL Founder & CEO, Larry Stefonic.

As part of the integration, wolfSSL will begin selling support and consulting for cURL. In addition, cURL will be ported to new environments for IoT use. cURL with FIPS options and cURL with ASYNCH Crypto will also be introduced.

“We’re excited to offer even tighter wolfSSL TLS integration including TLS 1.3 into cURL. Providing the cURL user base with wolfSSL’s world class support team will assist commercial deployments with fixed response times. Custom integration, tuning, ports, and features are also available through wolfSSL’s consulting team,” says wolfSSL CTO, Todd Ouska.

Daniel Stenberg, founder and Chief Architect of cURL, adds: “This is a fantastic opportunity for both the community and commercial users, as we now offer support for cURL! I’m now able to spend more of my time improving cURL, so the community can expect to see more features available more quickly.”

Starting February 1st, 2019, wolfSSL will offer the following support and consulting options for cURL:

Basic: $2,000/yr
Standard: $6,000/yr
Premium: $23,000/yr
24×7: $50,000/yr

wolfSSL’s software is available under two distinct licensing models: open source and standard commercial licensing. Businesses and enterprises who wish to incorporate wolfSSL products into proprietary appliances or other commercial software products for redistribution must license commercial versions. wolfSSL is the first to offer a commercial release of TLS 1.3. Licensing for core cURL project remains status quo.


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