Mocana introduces device security solutions to protect the electric grid

Mocana, the leading provider of device security solutions for IoT and industrial control systems, today announced the availability of solutions to protect and manage the security of legacy devices and industrial equipment. Mocana TrustCenter and TrustPoint provide strong device-based authentication and encryption solutions for protecting brownfield devices, making it easy for utilities, asset owners, operators and equipment vendors to achieve end to end device security.

According to IMS Research, 85% of all industrial devices in the field are considered to be legacy, and critical infrastructure operators and industrial automation companies are struggling to protect decades-old equipment. Industrial machines, such as turbines, manufacturing control systems, electric transmission and switching gear, and process manufacturing equipment remain vulnerable to cyber attacks.

“We already know that state actors are actively surveilling and attacking our grid on regular basis,” said Dean Weber, Chief Technology Officer at Mocana. “There’s a misperception that securing legacy, brownfield devices is very difficult and complex. With Mocana’s TrustCenter and TrustPoint offerings, utilities now have the ability to easily secure their legacy devices, finally addressing the grid security challenges head on.”

The United States Council of Economic Advisors estimates that malicious cyber activity costs the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion per year.

Mocana’s TrustCenter security lifecycle management platform and TrustPoint device security software offer a simple way for industrial companies to:

  • Implement stronger device authentication and user access controls;
  • Patch devices and workstations running unsupported operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8;
  • Secure legacy industrial protocols such as Distributed Network Protocol v. 3 (DNP3);
  • Simplify the management of signing keys, digital identities, and device credentials;
  • Reduce the cybersecurity risk of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks by automating key and certificate management;
  • Enable secure, remote firmware updates; and
  • Harden industrial gateways and networking equipment.

Mocana works with leading OEMs globally to protect the grid today and is used to protect more than 100 million IoT and industrial devices across all critical infrastructure sectors. For the utility industry, Mocana protects distributed control systems in power generation plants, power transmission switching gear, substation intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), remote terminal units (RTUs), gateway controllers, and smart meters.

Mocana’s security solutions for legacy devices are for use by asset owners, operators, and industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Mocana’s solutions are designed for both application developers with limited device security experience and product security engineers with deep experience in cryptography. Mocana’s endpoint security is designed to operate on more than 70 chipsets and 30 operating systems, including Linux, Windows and a variety of real-time operating systems (RTOS).

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