Idaptive unveils Next-Gen Access Cloud identity and access management platform

Idaptive unveiled the Next-Gen Access Cloud, its identity and access management platform built to help organizations secure access everywhere. Built on a zero trust approach and an integrated core of single single-on (SSO), adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), endpoint & mobile context and user behavior analytics (UBA), Idaptive Next-Gen Access Cloud offers companies an intelligent solution to verify and validate people, devices and services while continuously learning from, and adapting to, millions of risk factors. Idaptive was born out of Centrify, a privileged access management company, with the mission to make companies more secure, more trusted and more valuable.

“As identity and access become more central to what we do online, it’s also getting much more complex,” said Idaptive CEO Danny Kibel. “Any time someone goes online, they interact with a host of services, applications, data and APIs that need to know who they are, creating an almost infinite and constantly changing amount of gateways where identity and access need to be verified. Companies need a way to secure all this without creating new headaches for users, and current solutions don’t deliver. This is what we’ve created with Idaptive, a modern, intelligent access platform for modern businesses.”

Introducing the Next-Gen Access Cloud

Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access Cloud uniquely combines SSO, adaptive MFA, endpoint & mobile context and behavior analytics in a single platform. Unlike other identity and access technologies that offer piecemeal solutions, Idaptive uses real-time access data and machine learning to understand risk, so customers can make smarter decisions at scale about who they let into applications and services.

More specifically, the Next-Gen Access Cloud:

  • Converts raw access data into actionable intelligence by constantly learning from millions of daily logins and access attempts
  • Scores user access risk across Idaptive’s global dataset to help prevent breaches
  • Automatically creates individual user profiles based on login context and risk
  • Reduces burden on IT by eliminating the need to manually define and manage complex rules and policies
  • Increases security at scale and minimizing the threat of bad actors via continuous learning
  • Accommodates for the almost infinite diversity of applications, services and data located on-premises, on devices, and in the cloud

From the moment it’s deployed, the Next-Gen Access Cloud continuously analyzes and learns from millions of logged factors and data points associated with people, devices and services to enhance security postures and improve user experiences. Today, Idaptive has millions of active users, authenticating and pooling many millions of risk events each day/week. The company expects to increase those numbers significantly over the coming years, and in doing so, build the most intelligent identity solution available.

“Stolen or compromised credentials or passwords are at the root of the vast majority of successful breaches that occur today, yet many organizations still focus most of their attention on patching vulnerabilities or preventing malware-based attacks,” said Garrett Bekker, principal analyst at 451 Research. “MFA and SSO can help reduce the risks of compromised credentials, but the latter are binary – they only provide a ‘yes/no’ answer at a point in time. The addition of analytics can provide further protection against breaches by augmenting MFA to be more continuous and adaptive to actual risks.”

Global spirits brand Remy Cointreau uses Idaptive to maintain a single, cloud-based identity and access management solution across its 50 global sites and 1,800 users. Today there are more than 200 apps and 500 devices enrolled in its mobile device management portal.

“We’re a global organization with a footprint in every continent, so identity and access are an extremely important part of our security strategy,” said Laurent Boyadijan, Cloud Domain Manager for Remy Cointreau. “Idaptive has given us compliance with comfort – an agile, cloud-based solution that gives us complete peace of mind about who is accessing our system, while keeping it simple and pain-free for our employees.”

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