Digital Shadows launches Photon Research Team for risk monitoring

Digital Shadows, the leader in Digital Risk Protection, has announced the formation of a specialist team dedicated to researching the trends in digital risks that organizations are facing.

Headed by CISO, Rick Holland, the Photon Research Team is an international unit comprised of experts in 20 languages monitoring risks, including cyber criminal activity 24×7 in order to protect Digital Shadows’ clients and the wider business community.

Photon Research Team will engage in primary research and be data-driven. Since its foundation in 2011, Digital Shadows has amassed a wealth of information on cybercriminal threat actors and the tactics, techniques and procedures they use to exploit organizations. It has also helped organizations with thousands of incidents of unwanted data loss. This data will be used to compile trends-based analysis and reports that will help the wider cyber security community tackle the complex challenges it faces.

Rick Holland, CISO at Digital Shadows explains: “We have decided to bolster our existing analyst capability with a dedicated team that is 100% focused on researching trends in digital risk. In physics, a photon is a bundle of electromagnetic energy. It is the basic unit that makes up all light. In establishing the group under the Photon name, we are seeking to illuminate mostly unseen areas of digital risk for our clients and organizations across the globe. This includes the platforms where cyber criminals collaborate, communicate and seek to exchange stolen information. This will enhance the protection for our clients and give industry insight that will make organizations safer.”

Holland continues: “The Photon Research Team brings together the ‘best of the best’ in terms of complementary skill sets – from ex-military intelligence to data scientists, to ‘white hat’ security practitioners. Our experts understand the nuances of the environments where cyber criminals operate and are able to monitor, and if necessary, engage directly with them in their native language to understand their tactics, techniques and procedures. This helps keeps our clients safer since we can identify and minimize threats to their business and brand.”

The primary focus for the Photon Research Team is to produce regular reports for Digital Shadows clients, however selected content will also be made available to security practitioners across the industry.

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