Dtex Systems platform enhancements providing user behavior intelligence and insider threat detection

Dtex Systems, the leader in insider threat intelligence and detection, announced that significant enhancements are being added to the Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform. These will allow customers to extend visibility over system administrators and other privileged users’ actions, providing the most accurate understanding available of how this groups’ activities and behaviors impact risk.

The company also announced that platform scalability improvements are allowing enterprise and government customers to rapidly extend insider threat detection across hundreds of thousands of endpoints that are distributed across global environments.

“The security market is saturated with an overwhelming number of products and services. Most fail to understand that efficacy is proportionate to scalability. Solutions that can’t scale create blind spots, leaving too much to chance,” said Mohan Koo, Dtex Systems co-founder and CTO. “We’ve developed Dtex to not only provide the most advanced and accurate insider threat detection capabilities available, but also to answer to the scalability challenges that public and private sector organizations face.”

Platform visibility enhancements

Dtex will collect additional user behavior data on endpoints, significantly improving insider threat detection capabilities. Enhancements will:

  • Increase visibility into system administrators’ behaviors, including privilege escalations and credential misuse
  • Enable geolocation capabilities to profile user behaviors taking place while endpoints are not connected to corporate networks, providing greater accuracy and threat detection
  • Deliver visibility into administrator actions on Windows Server platforms running enterprise email, web and database applications

Enterprise-scale insider threat detection

Platform architecture improvements make Dtex the most enterprise-ready and highly scalable insider threat detection and intelligence solution available. In response to customer demand, the platform provides:

  • Scale: Dtex supports high-performance and high-stability deployments across hundreds of thousands of users and endpoints
  • Security and compliance: Dtex provides full compliance to federal security and compliance guidelines and regulations
  • Integration: Dtex provides integration with existing security infrastructures and leading SIEM and SOAR solutions including Splunk and ArcSight, and seamless integration for user and group information from directories into Dtex behavioral analytics
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