Inside Secure launches provisioning solutions to protect devices during manufacturing process

Inside Secure announced flexible provisioning solutions that eliminate the need to secure independent manufacturing sites, equipment, networks or employees – freeing manufacturers from costly and cumbersome physical security steps.

Provisioning and protecting secrets in resources constrained IoT devices is a technological challenge for any OEM. Security hardware is not always available or easy to work with, and keys, passwords and private data are often left unprotected.

With Inside Secure Provisioning Platform, secrets are not exposed or manipulated when provisioned at manufacturing time, and the innovative code protection and whitebox technology ensures that these secrets remain protected for the rest of the device’s lifetime.

“With over 425 millions devices provisioned successfully, Inside Secure offers the know-how and technology to bring customers the security and privacy they need under intense budget and schedule constraints”, said Martin Bergenwall, Vice President of Products at Inside Secure. “In today’s competitive IoT device market, security can serve as a notable differentiator. Our Secure Provisioning solutions are both secure and now cost effective, but it is also a powerful service-enabler.”

“Many of the world’s connected consumer electronics products are manufactured offshore and out of the control of those who usually demand it most,” Bergenwall continued. “At Inside Secure, we believe that control and security should still be available regardless of the manufacturing location. At manufacturing, these devices receive their identity and they are provisioned with the keys they will rely on to establish trust with both the eventual end user and the services it connects to. It is this ‘life-beginning’ step that is so crucial to protect.”

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