Corelight aims to help large organizations improve incident response and threat hunting capabilities

Corelight, provider of the most powerful network visibility solution for cybersecurity, expanded its product portfolio with the launch of the Corelight Fleet Manager, designed to accelerate the deployment, configuration, and ongoing administration of Corelight Sensors across the enterprise whether they are physical, virtual or cloud-based.

“Corelight is committed to providing organizations with the best network data for security at any scale and across any platform,” said Greg Bell, CEO of Corelight. “As our customers’ digital footprint grows across physical, virtual and cloud environments, they need a simple, consistent and scalable way to manage their sensors – which is why we are pleased to now offer Corelight Fleet Manager.”

Corelight Fleet Manager ensures seamless support and administration for multiple Corelight Sensors throughout an organization, providing single management dashboard with RBAC, customizable configuration templates, and sensor health and performance monitoring.

Additional benefits of Corelight Fleet Manager include:

  • Single pane of glass shows overall fleet health and gives customers the ability to drill into individual sensor metrics with one click
  • Management and reporting across Corelight Sensors whether they are deployed as physical sensors, virtual machines or in the cloud
  • Ability to define and create custom sensor groups and assign individual user roles and access levels
  • Control deployment of new policies, including Zeek packages, data filtering and data exporting
  • Demonstrate compliance using audit logs

“We are pleased to help some of the largest organizations in the world improve their incident response and threat hunting capabilities,” said Brian Dye, chief product officer at Corelight. “Our customers are demanding the ability to drive visibility throughout their network, so over the last two years we have expanded our product line from one physical appliance to a full range of physical appliances and virtual offerings. With today’s launch we now provide robust fleet management capabilities for large scale deployments which has been in high demand from our enterprise customers.”

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