Sysdig enhances its Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform

Sysdig announced new features for its Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform focused on helping enterprises transition to containers, reduce security risks, increase compliance posture, and improve DevOps efficiency. With this announcement, Sysdig is the first cloud-native visibility solution to extend compliance metrics and the Kubernetes audit events to a monitoring dashboard.

Furthermore, compliance data will be available by default for all Sysdig customers, whether they are using Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Secure, or the entire Sysdig Platform. With these added features, enterprises gain visibility into the performance, health, and compliance posture of their Kubernetes environment at a depth that no other cloud-native visibility or security solution can provide.

These enhancements also add long-term compliance trending and dashboarding for Kubernetes and OpenShift environments and out-of-the-box frameworks for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-190 and PCI compliance standards. With Snyk integrations, Sysdig adds enhanced vulnerability management.

This release also introduces SIEM enrichment capabilities and guided compliance remediation. These out-of-the-box frameworks, integrations, and guided remediation allow customers to quickly and efficiently enforce and adhere to various compliance and security standards across their OpenShift and Kubernetes environments.

“By combining security and visibility data, we are giving enterprises a deeper, clearer view inside their containers. Unified data that supports both security and DevOps teams encourages better communication and ultimately improves DevOps efficiency,” said Loris Degioanni, chief technology officer and founder of Sysdig.

Key customer benefits

  • Support for new compliance frameworks: By adding out-of-the-box NIST 800-190 and PCI bundles, enterprises have confidence knowing their containers and images meet specific compliance standards. NIST 800-190 and PCI scanning policies can be leveraged pre-deployment to scan images early in the CI/CD pipeline and can also be used to assess whether images running in production are compliant. In the event images no longer meet compliance, DevOps and security teams will be alerted.
  • Guided remediation for compliance: In the event of a Center for Internet Security (CIS) Kubernetes and Docker benchmark configuration drift, users can leverage guided remediation tips in Sysdig to apply best practices for maintaining compliance, saving security professionals time when issues arise.
  • New compliance dashboards: Sysdig users will have access to more than 90 compliance metrics. By extending compliance to Sysdig’s monitoring dashboards, DevOps have access to more information for better decision making and they can quickly visualize patterns and trends in their compliance posture.
  • New Kubernetes audit dashboards: In December, Sysdig released Sysdig Secure 2.2, the first cloud-native security technology to tap the Kubernetes audit policy to create an additional feed of events. Sysdig has turned these events into metrics that give customers the ability to see long-term compliance posture trends in customizable dashboards, making is easier and quicker to ensure compliance.
  • SIEM enrichment capabilities: Sysdig is able to reduce alert fatigue by providing Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts the ability to prioritize alerts based on Sysdig triggered events. With this prioritization, DevOps teams will be able to better judge what warrants their attention and ultimately save time.
  • Enhanced vulnerability management with Snyk integration: Sysdig ingests Snyk feeds to provide visibility into vulnerabilities for non-OS based packages, including Python, NPM, and Ruby to surface and bring attention to dependencies sooner, enabling DevOps to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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