CoreSite helps extend customers’ networks to Google Cloud Platform’s global network

CoreSite Realty Corporation, a premier provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions across the U.S., announced support for Google Cloud’s Dedicated Interconnect product in both their Los Angeles and Denver markets.

This service from Google Cloud allows enterprise and network service providers that are collocated with CoreSite to directly connect to Google Cloud Platform through high-speed fiber interconnects.

Dedicated Interconnect is a product in the Google Cloud Interconnect family. Google announced Dedicated Interconnect in October 2017, which provides higher-speed and lower cost connectivity than VPN, and has become the “go-to” solution to connect infrastructure in data centers to Google Cloud Platform.

With Dedicated Interconnect, customers have direct access to Google Cloud’s edge point of presence located at CoreSite’s Los Angeles and Denver data center campuses.

Customers will benefit from high bandwidth 10 Gbps connections that bypass the public internet, offering increased security, improved performance and guaranteed throughput. Additionally, Dedicated Interconnect offers some of the best SLAs in the industry, with guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

“CoreSite is pleased to announce the availability of direct fiber interconnection to Google Cloud Platform, providing our customers with a dedicated, flexible and high-performance solution to optimize their evolving cloud and connectivity requirements,” said Maile Kaiser, Senior Vice President of Sales at CoreSite.

In addition to Dedicated Interconnect in CoreSite’s Los Angeles and Denver markets, CoreSite customers are able to connect directly to Google Cloud Platform via the CoreSite Any2Exchange in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Additionally, customers may access Google Cloud Platform from all of CoreSite’s markets via its network-rich ecosystem of providers or through its inter-site connectivity in select markets. CoreSite offers numerous inter-site connectivity options including lit transport solutions and dedicated dark fiber.

CoreSite’s Any2Exchange is the second-largest Internet exchange in the United States and is the largest Internet exchange on the West Coast.

With CoreSite’s Any2Exchange, customers can make secure, SLA-backed, low-latency connections over one port and at a variety of speeds (including 1Gbps, 10Gbps, and 100Gbps) with direct peering to Google Cloud Platform.

Customers connecting directly to Google Cloud Platform benefit from reduced congestion and routing issues, reduction in transit costs, lower latency and reduced complexity, all while having access to connect and peer with over 400 participating members.

CoreSite’s Denver campus (DE1 and DE2) is strategically located in downtown Denver, providing optimized hybrid capabilities to businesses in Colorado and surrounding states.

The presence of over 120 networks, cloud, and IT service providers within these two data centers makes CoreSite’s colocation facilities one of the most integral points of interconnection in the Rocky Mountain region.

These strategically centralized data centers are tethered to regional communication hubs offering customers secure, reliable, high-performance solutions for their mission-critical business applications, as well as a secondary location to West or East coast deployment.

The CoreSite Los Angeles campus includes three operational data center facilities—LA1, also known as One Wilshire, one of the most interconnected buildings in the world, LA2 and LA4 as well as the planned development of LA3, bringing the total to about 800,000 square feet of scalable space in downtown Los Angeles.

CoreSite’s Los Angeles campus community features more than 784 networks, cloud and enterprise customers, as well as direct access to the largest peering exchange on the West Coast—CoreSite’s Any2Exchange for Internet peering.

This combination of scalable space and opportunities for interconnection makes CoreSite’s Los Angeles campus a premier option for businesses looking to support mission-critical IT applications.

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