Juniper Networks launches a cloud-delivered version of its SD-WAN solution

Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, announced a cloud-delivered version of its SD-WAN solution, the most scalable offering on the market today.

Juniper’s Contrail Service Orchestration now gives enterprises a simple way to manage and secure not only the WAN infrastructure, but also branch LAN and Wi-Fi networks typically deployed alongside it.

The economics of the cloud are undeniable. Organizations are consuming applications and services predominantly through the cloud to realize cost and agility benefits.

A cloud-delivered solution greatly simplifies operations for the rapidly evolving, distributed enterprise by removing the need for enterprises to run software themselves.

But that simplicity can’t come at the expense of enterprises’ ability to adapt to the complexities brought by growth and scale. Juniper’s scalable, cloud-based SD-WAN solution helps enterprises prepare for the future while simplifying today.

It pairs the simplicity of a cloud-delivered model with central orchestration of network infrastructure, delivering all of the advanced benefits of automated networking, security, analytics and AI for IT.

“Juniper’s SD-WAN as a service easily connects and manages the full suite of Juniper’s branch and WAN solutions, making the benefits of SDN accessible to any enterprise,” said Manoj Leelanivas, Chief Product Officer at Juniper Networks.

“This is a significant step in enabling our customers’ journey to AI for IT, extending the SDN transformation beyond cloud and data centers to the branch and the WAN. With this launch, combined with our recent Mist Systems acquisition, we are making industry-leading strides in our bid to make SDN and AI for IT a reality for companies of all sizes.”

This offering provides customers a new delivery model for Juniper’s feature-rich WAN solution and includes a suite of new capabilities to support secure automation throughout the enterprise branch service deployment lifecycle:

  • Unprecedented SD-WAN flexibility: Juniper’s SD-WAN now supports more variations of passive redundant hybrid WAN links, internet breakout at the WAN edge CPE or centralized WAN hubs and topologies such as hub and spoke, partial mesh and dynamic full mesh. It has also been tested by third-party EANTC at scales above 10,000 spoke sites and is highly multi-tenant, allowing for unprecedented scale.
  • Centrally managed branch LAN and WAN: Connecting Juniper’s EX Series Ethernet switches to a single or dual WAN gateway of NFX or SRX Series devices allows customers to centrally automate the WAN and LAN policy and provisioning for secure connectivity.
  • Managed security: Customers now have even more choices and control in managing their security needs, including integration with cloud security provider ZScaler and management of the next-gen firewall features of the SRX or NFX devices, including Juniper Sky ATP.
  • Mist Systems integration: Mist, the leading provider in AI for IT with the world’s first AI-driven wireless LAN, is now integrated in the new SD-WAN management interface. Customers can see operational and analytics data about the Wi-Fi alongside WAN, LAN and security.
  • Open and adaptable solution: A flexible solution that can help enterprises quickly adapt and evolve, Juniper’s SD-WAN enables customers to extend a secure SD-WAN to hubs and spokes in the cloud by simply adding a vSRX into a public cloud IaaS of choice. Additionally, Juniper’s open standards-based architecture and open APIs allow for seamless systems integration and NetOps workflow automation.
  • Juniper Financial Services offering: The acquisition of Juniper solutions for the enterprise is now easier through a variety of payment plans offered by Juniper Financial Services (JFS) at favorable terms to qualified customers. JFS provides financial simplicity with a single payment plan that covers bundled solutions, including Juniper’s Contrail Service Orchestration as well as campus and branch hardware and software such as the Mist WLAN solution.

“The City of Portsmouth took a holistic approach in order to operate our network at a level that will spur the smart city and smart region connectivity that we’re aiming for and our partnership with Juniper Networks has been invaluable.

Juniper’s new SD-WAN solution will provide the simplicity, flexibility and security necessary to expand beyond our initial smart city goals and stake out a rightful claim as a technology hub for the best and brightest digital businesses,” said Daniel Jones, Chief Information Officer of the City of Portsmouth, Virginia.

With Juniper’s SD-WAN as a service, the company is setting the stage for the next step in the multicloud evolution, allowing customers to connect distributed infrastructure and orchestrate operations centrally.

This scalable, open and future-ready solution offers customers the simplicity of a cloud-delivered service with the power of software-defined networking and security.

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