i3 Ops AI platform identifies social media threats in real time

i3 Operations (i3 Ops) Artificial Intelligence Maintaining Safety (AIMS), an AI platform that unravels the chaos of social media in real time to identify threats has emerged from stealth mode.

i3 Ops developer of AIMS has been named an Edison Award winner for its innovative, sophisticated application of AI and Machine Learning to social media to improve public safety.

The 2019 Edison Awards ceremony was held at The Capitale in New York City on April 4. i3 Ops sealed the win in a category that had some of the world’s most recognized companies in Artificial Intelligence – IBM and Adobe.

“We are in a crisis in data ethics,” said Bernhard Fritsch, founder of i3 Ops.

“Social media is here to stay, but there is a dark side. Increasingly powerful and pervasive, social media can instill division and unrest. Yet freedom of speech and privacy must be protected. Our technology can scroll vast online interactions in real-time, with the potential to unearth insights into imminent threats to society.

Past events have taught us that the warning signs have been there, in the public domain, but nothing is getting picked up until it’s too late. i3 Ops can scan for indications of any possible harmful behavior – from teen bullying and sexual harassment to a potential shooter, terrorist attack or a PTSD veteran contemplating suicide. In addition, i3 Ops technology can even adapt to identify false news reports, especially foreign or other inauthentic intrusion into social media.”

i3 Ops proprietary algorithms can distinguish between controversial opinion or frustration, and true behaviors that indicate possible, perhaps imminent danger.

It can continuously sort through all live publicly available conversations, with in-depth integrated analysis of words, phrases, user behavior, emotions, video and image assets.

It may be able to predict future behavior based on contextual data drawn from both past and present interactions across all social media platforms.

“AIMS could prove pivotal in making crucial decisions for government entities and global brands, and in identifying perpetrators before an act is carried out,” observed Fritsch. “The potential to impact national and global security is staggering.”

The Edison Awards is celebrating 32 years of honoring innovators whose inventions are destined to have real profound impact.

“Once again, the winners created innovations that are revolutionizing industries and becoming indispensable. One of the game-changing winners, i3 Ops was recognized as a true innovator out of the many products in its category,” said Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director of the Edison Awards.

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