High-Tech Bridge is now ImmuniWeb

High-Tech Bridge, a global provider of application security testing and risk scoring, is pleased to announce that its award-winning offering is now consolidated under ImmuniWeb branding and global corporate identity.

Ilia Kolochenko, Founder and CEO, explains: “We have recently celebrated our 11th birthday at High-Tech Bridge, and this has been a time to showcase our achievements and ongoing progress.

Whilst the High-Tech Bridge brand is an indispensable part of our amazing history, we believe the time has come to advance our international development, starting with consolidated global branding that more emphatically reflects our commitment to deliver innovation and excellence to our customers, partners and the cybersecurity community.”

Originally created as a penetration testing boutique in 2007, High-Tech Bridge was later recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leading service provider in the emerging European penetration testing market in 2012.

Later, High-Tech Bridge embodied its corporate ambitions to grow, innovate and deliver excellence to customers all over the world via the ImmuniWeb® AI Platform first unveiled in 2014.

Since the public launch in 2015, the platform has grown from a single offering to nine interconnected products that now form a unique application security ecosystem tailored for organizations of all sizes.

The ongoing success has been corroborated by many prestigious awards for innovation, notably Gartner Cool Vendor, IDC Innovator and the Winner in SC Awards Europe 2018 in “Best practical usage of Machine Learning and AI” category.

Today, High-Tech Bridge has fully accomplished its strategic goal to reinvent traditional penetration testing by building a scalable and highly competitive technology for rapid, DevSecOps-enabled and cost-effective application penetration testing for web, mobile and API.

Likewise, the company successfully formed solid technology partnerships and built sustainable client relationships with the largest global companies.

Ilia Kolochenko concludes: “I am extremely grateful to our team for embarking on this unique opportunity taking our business to the next level. Under the consolidated ImmuniWeb branding we will pursue our global expansion, primarily in the US and APAC. Along with the brand consolidation, new AI products and technology alliances will be announced soon this year, stay tuned.”

Customers and partners will find no change in the ImmuniWeb pricing and offering, composition of the team, or legal terms of conducting business with the consolidated branding. ImmuniWeb® is a brand registered and actively operated in over 100 countries.


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