RunSafe Security unveils new exploit identification and information sharing program

RunSafe Security, the pioneer of a patented cyberhardening process for vulnerable embedded systems and devices, announced the formation of a new exploit identification and information sharing program for penetration testers to reduce cyber exposure across enterprise and government agencies.

Named Cyber Sapiens, the new initiative will build a community of elite pen testers who collectively will enable security managers to support the rapid remediation of exploits discovered in the course of penetration testing and help enterprises to improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

By providing members with options for recommending remediation, the Cyber Sapiens community will promote best practices enabling penetration testers and their clients to reduce software vulnerabilities resulting from devastating memory corruption errors or zero-days.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Penetration testers (Cyber Sapiens) will have the opportunity to share best practices, learn about new tools, exchange information about latest vulnerabilities, present case studies, and hear from well-known guest speakers.
  • The community can develop playbooks so that enterprises can expedite and simplify exploit remediation, minimize their attack surface and reduce enterprise security risk.

In addition, RunSafe Security will utilize the data findings and best practices to inform its product development roadmap and enhance the RunSafe Pwn Index.

“Many enterprises work with penetration testers to discover software vulnerabilities across their organization, and while that is beneficial, those same companies are overwhelmed by the scope of and effort required by exploit remediation recommendations,” said Joe Saunders, CEO RunSafe Security.

“Our Cyber Sapiens program will address this challenge by creating a mutually beneficial community between RunSafe Security and elite pen testers. We look forward to our collaborative program to improve cybersecurity posture.”

The Cyber Sapiens program is open to a select group of penetration testers who work with clients in the U. S. that may:

  • Utilize embedded systems and devices within their product offerings;
  • Deploy open source operating systems;
  • Do custom application development; or
  • Manage private cloud deployments.

“From autonomous vehicles to lifesaving medical devices, embedded devices are becoming more and more ingrained into our society and our lives,” said Billy Rios, a Cyber Sapiens member and co-founder of QED Secure Solutions, a cybersecurity consultancy.

“It’s important that we understand how these devices can be exploited and what it takes to secure them. The Cyber Sapiens program will help us better understand the cybersecurity challenges associated with embedded devices and how we can help solve these challenges.”

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