ASG Technologies adds new analyzer capabilities to its Data Intelligence solution

ASG Technologies, a trusted provider of proven solutions for information access, management and control, announced new analyzer capabilities to its Data Intelligence solution.

Leveraging ASG’s Intelligent Data Analyzer framework, which makes it easy for ASG and partners to rapidly build analyzers using an API-driven approach, the new analyzers will enhance the solution by automating metadata and data discovery for pervasive big data and cloud technologies.

In today’s digitally-driven world, business strategies are tightly linked to a company’s data strategies, as evidenced by the number of Chief Data Officers (CDO) quadrupling from 2014 to 2018. However, only 50 percent of CDOs have solutions in place to support data inventory, according to a recent ASG survey.

To effectively understand the data they possess, organizations must be able to reliably discover and understand where data originates and how it flows across the data estate, spanning legacy and modern technologies.

ASG’s Data Intelligence helps CDOs mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance through policy-driven data governance. The solution also enables businesses to make better and faster decisions through self-service analytics. The new cloud and big data analyzers help businesses make sense of – and gain value from – the growing number of data technologies across the hybrid enterprise.

ASG’s Data Intelligence can automatically identify data elements from more than 230 commonly-used sources (including data stores, files, ETL tools, BI tools, EA tools and source code) across the enterprise to understand the breadth and depth of data managed throughout the organization.

With the solution’s new capabilities, the library of ASG Intelligent Data Analyzers has been extended to include:

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Redshift Spectrum
  • Amazon Snowflake
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Avro
  • Pivotal GemFire
  • Neo4j Database

“Our goal is to enable our customers and partners to answer three questions at the center of every data and analytics process: what data is available, where did it come from and what is the level of trust,” said Marcus MacNeill, SVP of Product Management, ASG Technologies.

“Our technology is dedicated to helping businesses answer these questions quickly and confidently, and we’re excited to address the growing market demand for these big data and cloud sources.”

“ASG’s Data Intelligence is a vital component of our Intelligent Data Discovery as a Service offering for regulatory compliance, data governance, application modernization and other use cases,” said Bob Doyle, Global Data Governance Practice Lead, Accenture.

“The availability of these new big data and cloud analyzers ensures we’re able to support the growing set of technologies adopted by our clients.”

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